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  • blegg12588 blegg12588 Apr 2, 2013 8:09 AM Flag

    The Target Market for Frozen Shoulder Treatment is huge

    And growing at an alarming rate. No one knows for sure what actually is causing the increased incidence but some have said it is nearing pandemic rates. This could prove to be AUXL's "golden goose".

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    • i thought the company's potential golden goose was a breakthrough involving cellulite.

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      • Hope this helps:
        NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Can it be? There may be a cure for what ails nearly everyone in a swimsuit — cellulite.

        It is years away from FDA approval, but Long Island researchers are being credited with a possible breakthrough, CBS 2′s Jennifer McLogan reported Thursday.

        Trying without success to eliminate cellulite, which are strands of collagen between the skin and muscle, Americans spend millions each year on laser procedures and creams.

        Initially developed by Bio Specifics Technologies in Lynbrook and now pioneered by Stony Brook University researchers, an enzyme-based injection called Xiaflex may be a new weapon in the battle against cellulite.

        “This enzyme specifically attacks the tight bonds that are present in the triple helix of collagen,” said Dr. Lawrence Hurst, Stony Brook University researcher.

        It’s estimated 85 to 98 percent of women have some degree of cellulite, but beach goers McLogan spoke to Thursday said they had mixed feelings about the potential breakthrough.

        Wantagh’s Carmen Gaud told McLogan she would not go for an anti-cellulite injection and would “try the old-fashioned way, try to work out.”

        But Flushing’s Rosa Febles said, ”Being my age, I would definitely consider it, as long as it is safe. It’s a great opportunity to look like a teenager.”

        Expanded use of the drug could be a windfall for Stony Brook and Bio Specifics, which would both receive royalties from the sale of Xiaflex.

        FYI: The clinical application for Xiaflex has show promise in 4 areas:
        Adhesive Encapsulitis aka Frozen Shoulder
        Peyronies Disease
        Dupytrens Contracture

        Sentiment: Strong Buy