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  • howardroarklives howardroarklives Apr 8, 2002 8:48 PM Flag

    Investment Banks on Trial - a precedent

    With today's class-action suit against 10 investment banks (yes, Deutsche Bank was one of them) shareholders of Enron are attempting to win $1 billion dollars.

    The plaintiffs claim that the 10 investment banks cooperated with Enron in the biggest Ponzi scheme ever, helping Enron to rip-off millions of investors.

    In this kind of environment, self-serving investment banks like Deutsche Bank can't get away with disregarding their shareholder fiduciary responsibilities by trading votes for money - as in the Hewlett case against H-P.

    Judge Chandler will do the right thing by calling a spade a spade and will probably throw out the Deutsche Bank votes, and perhaps those of the other 3 investment banks sitedthat were served subpoenas.

    Invesment banks are crooked. Just in case there is another vote called for through the Judge's decree, it's time that you ask your broker to put your stock under your own name, so that they can't vote for you or loan your shares out for shorting purposes (which undermines the stock price.)

    Deutsche Bank are a bunch of crooks. It has become common knowledge. Read tomorrow's paper.

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