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  • lindmeritage lindmeritage Jun 30, 2009 10:57 AM Flag

    John Maynard Keynes wrote:

    "In the short run, the stock market is a voting machine, but in the longer term the stock market is a weighing machine."

    Clearly a divergence is occurring between HUN's "weight" (its funamentals) and its "vote" (supply and demand with respect to HUN shares). There are two ways to make money here. The first is to get short, join the momentum game of musical chairs, and hope that you are nimble enough to find a chair (cover your short) when the music stops...perhaps abruptly. Alternatively, you could go long HUN at these prices and patiently wait while collecting an 8% dividend, secure in your knowledge that HUN's enterprise value meaningfully exceeds HUN's market cap. plus debt. With respect to the latter approach, of course, would be icing on the cake in the form of the control premium that would be associated with the likely sale of the company once the cycle improves. Your choice: musical chairs, or smart patient investing. Hmmmm?


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    • old history may not be wrong. It is something to learn from.`
      Keynes said when the economy is in trouble the government should infuse money.
      He also said when things are going good the government should take some out.
      THEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM. Politicians never have the guts to take it out i.e. increase taxes, so the bubble bursts.
      Supply side economics is wrong--IMHO

    • AAAaaaaaaahhhhh LindeMer.

      Looks like that fancy wine is fuzzin' up your synapses. You need to get horizontal more often with fresh sweet grapes and name-memorable company instead of that dusty bottle fermented old stuff that causes you to forget your femmes' names. That goes for Eddie too! umm umm umm Fresh is nice. Fresh is cold, sweet -- and heh! - loaded with fiber! Great for ya heart dudee. I love the way you can position a fresh sweet grape just exactly between molars, and that nanosecond...pop!...bite, and explosion of sweet nature's goodness fills my mouth. choice. I'd call it an elite experience...but that's for ya'll Yanks to label as such and I read that word a few weeks ago out here...and laughed.

      Buyin today. Goin to lake w/ the girls this weekend - we take the boat out and get wacky with the Oklahoma boyz and everyone regattas Sat night and watches fireworks. Sweet.

      Glad Hun jurors gonna enjoy their fourth. That's the way it should be, and Huntsmans are classy to get legal settled - so those citizens can play. Regardless of perception of money, right is right and that's so right!

      As well, ya know I'm kind of contrarian, and you're the one always quotin' these smart dead dudes... but wouldn't you say $2.7+ billion in hand during a global recession NOW, able to cherry pick ample quality goods at less than 1/2 price is better than $3.4 billion, maybe, later - but who knows when - during robust econ w/ only dud deals in the hopper for sale? I'm not doing the math but the math looks better w/ cash king today -- and if some smartie does do the math, I'm pretty confident w/ all that future value of money, lack of deals later, etc. - it would be at or better than full monte now v. whenever settle did occur (add in that uncertanity factor for sure).

      NOW is better.

      Street doesn't think like billionaires. Street doesn't like Plan Cs. Street doesn't like tight knit core group of owners in publicly held cos. Street ain't rich - street scratchin' a livin working. ick! Day tarders like to act like day tardin' only way to turn a profit. It's not.

      N doesn't like to work chasing day tarder bargains. N likes to go deep, long -- and cash out dbl, trple, quad - when "street" realizes and arrives. And day to day go "live" while it's brewing.

      But heh - to each investor his own, eh? In this wacko Jacko market, it's been easy to turn a triple in 90. And I'm not ruling out this availability still being here, now.

      Ya'll like the divvies? LOL. Man, sweeter than pie here. Sure some folk bot at $20, but have had plenty of time to dollar down. But...buyin' in low for a $20+ pps co? priceless.

      Go HUN!

    • "In the long run we are all dead"

    • A rather voluable retard at that.

      He never has anything much to say or value to add. He likes to beat his chest as he shows off all the filing and search prowess of a frustrated librarian. Tommyboy, perhaps your bun is too tight.

      Tommy loves the smell of Yahoo quotes in the morning. In his world "it smells like victory" (SNIFFF)

      Lighten up boyo.

    • you know winning an argument on a yahoo stock message board is the equivalent to winning a gold in the special olympics...yeah you won... but you're still a retard....

    • Yes, that was one hell of a CALL OUT!
      nice job TBone!

    • aren't yous googling Nikki or Jane?
      you all must be girls!

      yes, i know da value invest graham. i thought it would be funny to insult some southerners instead...

      i apologize for getting OT!

    • ""Graham is no better than any other hypocrite, racist, sexist, liar in DC (but then he's southern so it's expected).""

      You are referring by mistake to Graham the Cracker.

    • Wrong Graham, Dude.

    • Hey Tommy the scab picker - do you take after your mom or your dad? I'm wondering which one hated you more while you were growing up.

      How about now?

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