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  • dai.dalos dai.dalos Mar 17, 2010 9:13 PM Flag

    Cramer's Blessing

    We can all now celebrate and rest assured we've made a great call. After all, the Holy One, Cramer has said "HUN is a buy". (Tongue in cheek ;) )

    Dumb a$$ missed most of the current move already. He is right however, it's still a buy.

    Lightning Round OT: TriQuint Semiconductor and More
    Published: Wednesday, 17 Mar 2010 | 6:46 PM ET
    HUN is a buy, Cramer said.

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    • dai, Although many chemical stocks were down today, HUN took the biggest haircut of the majors.I know it was qudruple witch today but the selloff was on heavier than usual volume and that really seemed odd. I don't watch Cramer very often especially when he tries to put politics in the mix. Did somebody call in and ask him about HUN ? If so then whoever it was didn't do us any favors because hedge fund operators just pounce on some of his Buy calls and they either sell or short the stocks.Hopefully HUN will head back up next week and won't go down to retest that $11 level we saw in early February now that all the analysts are saying the dow needs to correct because it is getting too pricey.It seems like HUN has been dropping ever since the offering came out which is not a bad thing. I wonder if HUN should consider increasing the dividend to attract new blood because they have the cash ? Your thoughts ?

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      • I'm guessing someone asked about HUN - it was a headline on CNBC's stock listing for HUN. It happened in OT so I'm guessing very few people actually saw it. I don't give Cramer any credit for the move we just saw. It was not isolated to HUN but rather the sector as a whole. This move is healthy as far as I'm concerned (and not over).

        I noted several times in the last couple of weeks some strange options activity. It is clear now that someone was selling HUN calls in large volume in anticipation of Friday's move. Smart move - free money.

        w/r/t the dividend. It exists for one purpose and one purpose only - to satisfy the charitable obligations of the Huntsman family. It doesn't exist to attract investors. There is also NO reason to depart with the cash. If so, they would not have issued new bonds to satisfy debt but rather just used cash. Their current strength lies in that cash. They can get through any global/macro issues with that war chest as well as take advantage of any opportunities for acquisition. I think we look to China and India for the next acquisitions. I would put Atul Limited (in India) near the top of that list.

    • Jesus in the name of God!!!!!!!!!!! He called this a good spec play over a year ago in the 3 bill range, Cashed in and out, still a damn good company. Wake up Mf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cramer's a trailing indicator, and bad news more often than not. I'm sorry he touted HUN, and wonder if today's move is simply not more of the Crammer, Cramer effect.

    • "Craner said,"HUN is a buy!." God help us now. Ed

    • Wasn't it only six months ago he was saying it was a piece of garbage?

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