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  • lindmeritage lindmeritage Jul 24, 2011 7:18 AM Flag

    Why is that that the handful of billionaires I know personally...

    ...almost all of whom are self made on Wall Street...have progressive leanings and are ardent supporters of President Obama. To listen to the rhetoric, however, you would think that Obama is anti-rich people and anti-Wall St. Can someone explain this to me? From my observations, the Tea Party stalwarts in the house on the other hand -- who appear never to have studied economics...or much else -- seem to me to very unsophisticated middle class folks. Why are they such ardent defenders of the ultra-rich when the ultra rich are almost all democrats?

    You don't believe me, then Google it: Tom Steyer, Richard Perry, Denise Rich, George Soros, Warren Buffet...the list is very long.

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      looks like the Frank(democrat) Dodd(democrat) dealie doesn't fit Soros(democrat).

    • Hardly anyone "participates" in a discussion about Huntsman when you've pontificated, blindmerit, but I was here during both failed buyouts and the breakup lawsuit and am currently long a comfortable number of shares at $0 cost.

      I don't recall toughler as a major contributor, but he sure showed up in time to take up with your misguided left thinking.

      I'm offering to shut that stuff down...this is a much better board without the heavy politics...but the deal is the you do too.

      It's up to you.

    • Sorry, blindmerit, it was "Questy" not "Crestor".

      "Crestor" was from your other friend.

    • He never participates in conversations regarding HUN, so I'm not sure whether he's an investor or just a political hack.

    • Your decision to dismiss my arguments is fine with me, as I have done the same with yours, though you got to write it first while I was busy with a client.

      I must say, your decision to rename me Crestor is a bit disappointing, but perhaps you'll understand my renaming you blindmeritage, and we can both have a laugh.

      Meantime, good luck with your Huntsman investment, and try to limit your comments to things I have no experience with, such as personal knowledge of billionaires, and skip the basis for economics, which you don't seem to grasp too well from so far up the food chain.

    • lindmeritag, it certainly appears like "Questy" is a guy who could figure out a way to argue with himself in a phone booth, so I'll take your advice on trying to talk logic with him. I just hate to see some of cha- cha that flies off his keyboard not be challenged. And at least periodically, I will chime in.

    • They should, Lind.

      First let me say I tried to post another, earlier, message and again Yahoo foiled me. I just don't get this service sometimes.

      Anyway, the biggest problem we face is the system itself. It allowed an inexperienced uninspiring fob like Obama to actually get elected. And that's my main issue with POTUS - he's utterly uninspiring. Actually, it's more like annoyingly uninspiring. My Airedale would make people feel better if he was POTUS.

      That said, the economic policies of his presidency aren't even his own and would have been implemented regardless of who held the office, and the same will be true in 2012. EVERYBODY knows the endgame by now, and should have known it back in 2008 when BB first fired up the helicopter. The only question - the MYSTERY (and it is...) - is how will it all shake out?

      Other than being somebody that's impossible for me to feel good about, the only real eFF-up of Barry's first term was the healthcare movement. NEVER should have put us through that process, and hopefully it will be fully dismantled. That's something a Tea Partyer should be praying for.

      It is unnerving that the simpletons Tea Party folks hold up as their shining Earl Greys are such equally uninspiring nimrods. This nation needs LEADERSHIP and a simple game plan and legislative focus... not a bunch of pandering polemics. Hate to repeat the mantra, but a Ronald Reagan type needs to be located from either party.

      The main problem is the system. It really is. I can't believe that the masses don't focus on one other thing.... if there's one aspect of the "good old days" that's still relevant today, it's NOT having career policicians.


      DANG IT ALL!!!

    • Joe Walsh is at prime example of the ignorance that pervades the Tea Party movement. Without a doubt it has tapped into a vein of national frustration, but the simplistic solutions its leaders have offered ring with Palenesque ignorance of all things economic, diplomatic and otherwise informed.

      The good news is that a lot of them will not be reelected. The bad news (I fear) is that they will do a great deal of irreparable harm (as they are glibly doing this evening) to our country before they leave washington.

    • Is this what you expect from the extreme right? There is a difference between being a conservative and extremist -- even while personally failing to pay taxes!

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