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  • tough1er tough1er Jul 25, 2011 11:27 AM Flag

    Why is that that the handful of billionaires I know personally...

    The way it looks right now, Huntsman -- even as perhaps the most thoughtful, level-headed R candidate -- has a zero chance of winning.

    On the other hand, Obama has a real chance of winning, especially if more people start to realize that he has not been nearly as bad as his enemies constantly portray him.

    Republicans have poisoned the air about him from the time they first heard his funny-sounding name, and they have resorted to every underhanded tactic known to mankind. They've done that for one basic reason -- so they can waltz back into power, hoping people have a short-term memory that they screwed up royally in their last shot at governing.

    You take all of that trumped-up invective out of the air, and what you have is a man with some of the same attributes as Huntsman -- thoughtful, level-headed -- who can remain calm even with a storm around him to seek out the best options for this country's survival. With his rookie mistakes behind him, his best days are ahead. But not if the Reps slime machine can stop him.

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