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  • pastocksuccess2000 pastocksuccess2000 Jul 13, 2004 12:55 PM Flag

    Bush is an economic failure for U.S.!!!

    President Bush has deceived the American people into going to war! Now we are faced with a $100 billion plus military bill due to his ambimtious war mongering stance! Wars are not good for economies! Bush has done everything in his power to thwart the EPA effort to reduce industrial proudction emissions at plants. President Bush ignored this legislation to reduce harmful emissions at plants! President Bush is an economic disaster, environmental disaster, and has shown in inability to use to foreign policy where he pushed our nation into war in Iraq! We have lost 1,000 military due to he and Dick Cheney's efforts to tap into the Iraqi oil spigott! Iraq has the productive capacity to be the 2nd leading oil producer in the world behind Saudi Arabia once their oil engineering processes and infrastructure are fully in place! This adminstration doesn't give 2 urds about hard working Americans, health care reform, social security, etc. He is out of touch with America just like his father!

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    • Read a Senate report, get a clue, and get on topic.

    • sigh

    • As usual (anal)ysis have heads up their asses. Investors are so dam dumb. Company will make its profit forecast of $3.00 + this year and pe is now at 4. Talked to people is the industry and even with drop is pricing, cost and scrap (defective production) has dropped dramatically. I will back my truck up as usual and make out on this. thank you charles scabb

    • Bush is going to Lose? To Kerry and Edwards?

      What planet are you on. No chance these two liberals can beat Bush.

    • nope, never seen any of them.

      You don't need a movie/decoder ring to know that Bush is a liar.

      And here's the best part. He's gonna lose (unless he cancels the election)!

    • Oh gosh, maybe you're right. Nuke 'em all and let Allah & God sort them out 'eh. But no reactionary comment on the title???

      PS bite me

    • As the grandson of someone who perished in a gas chamber and then had their bodily remains burnt to a crisp in an oven I find your comments highly insensitive and insulting. Have you ever been to Israel or the West Bank, have you ever walked through the Gaza Strip, if not as I suspect is the case you have no idea what you're talking about and are totally ignorant as to what the true situation is at hand. Why don't you ask yourself why the Palestinians still live in refuge camps when the West has given them billions since 1991, but Arafats family and the palestinian leaderships families live in a multi-million dollar Chateau's outside of Paris? It's not expensive to build low-income housing, the Israelis have done it all over Israel. How come Arafat didn't buy electric wiring, plumbing and concrete for Jenin? Were did the money go? Why don't you ask yourself why Arafat allows Al Aqsa brigades, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and Hamas to have free reign of his territory to carry out continuous attacks against Israelis. If he was serious about Peace he would reign them in, hang them or at least inprison them to show Israel he is serious. If Israel wanted to they could have moved all the Palestinians out in the 1950s and 1960s and they never did. Maybe when the Palestinians change their school books to show an Israel and Palestine side by side instead of just a Palestine and stop telling their children that Israelis kidnap them at night to drink their blood their can be peace. Ofcourse Israel has some underhanded tactics and are guilty of misdeeds as well, no one is innocent but the Palestinians are just at blameworthy as the Israelis. Everytime the Palestinians kill an Israeli it's equal to 10k americans being killed. They have to build the wall to stop the attacks, and someday when Arafat dies and a real leadership that wants to make peace arises in the PLO there will be peace, but not until then. Arafat doesn't want peace, he just wants the destruction of Israel and has only led to the pitiful existence that many palestinians find themselves in. Before, he gave the OK to this latest intifadah the Palestinians were much better off, and many had Jobs in Israel that they are no longer allowed to go to. Anyways I've wasted enough of my time talking to an ignorant POS.

    • YOU are the sick ignorant in here.

    • Oh, boo hoo.
      You are a moron.
      Right, the Israeli's would put them in an oven!
      The only people that were marched into ovens were the Jews, but you, you disgusting anti-semite decide that the smallest country in the middle east is the one who wants to kill everyone. Moron, the Islmaic militants want Israel and the Jews, everywhere, gone. They want you gone too, but you are too dumb to realize it.

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