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    • Proton is a decent brand, and AUO does supply panels to them, but beware. Go back to your linked site and look a little closer. The brand they are selling is Protron w/an R and not Proton. Obviously meant to deceive. They set has a inferior 24ms response time and is probably inferior elsewhere.

      I would be very wary buying anything from Tiger Direct and many other "gray market" electronics mail order sites, it could turn into a very bad ordeal as many have learned.

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      • I'm not saying that Tiger Direct is a disreputable dealer, I really don't know. They might be OK. Have you had an experience with them?

        I can tell you some problems, others have had, with some who are disreputable.

        Many are not factory authorized dealers and factory warranties/rebates will not be honored. Many say they have the merchandise in stock, charge your credit card immediately, and then give you the run around for months. After that time it is sometimes very hard to get your account credited. Sometimes they add on outrageous shipping/handling/insurance fees. Sometimes open boxes/repackaged boxes are shipped which might be demos or returns. It can then become your problem to return to an unresponsive shady dealer. It might be your responsibilty to pay return shipping/insurance, if you can even get a return authorization.

        Just use caution, you may trip over dollars trying to pick up pennies by buying from the "cheapest dealer"

        Some mail order firms I can vouch for are:,, and JR's Musicworld for electronics. for computer equip.

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