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Sandridge Mississippian Trust II Message Board

  • vcan24 vcan24 Dec 6, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

    Bought more at $9.05

    If I'm going to hold might as well add a little.. Hoping the $12 PPS ceiling will be hit by what ever means so I can get out with a decent LOSS.. since it's year end garbage selling season I'll have another bid in the $8's.. I'm kinda relying on Dan M.'s valuation and SDR's obligations not being completed as with SDT. PER? won't stop dropping also.. Lesson learned to stay away from these derivatives created by unworthy/inept leadership looking out for their own interest.. Was better off with an Oil ETF or an XOM rather than investing with TW.. The only thing that may save my investment with SD is what TPG promised an out right sale.. anything above $8 will do ..

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    • Adding more at $8.70.. at this point its do or die until next filing.. Hopefully all the negatives are priced in at this point..

    • Hold on, collect your dividends! Isn't that the reason you bought SDR? Why do you believe this oil development will not be successful, or are you overwhelmed because you are under water at current market value?
      Probably nothing has changed in the development itself, only the momentary emotional market value of the security . Seems to me that revenues are up, dividends being paid. Just my take on it..

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      • "Why do you believe this oil development will not be successful"

        Will not be? Kinda past tense.. It's already proven it's not successful.. Dividends? The distributions in this toxic instrument gives you massive negative returns in the long term.. It's already proven.. that being said in the short term there could be a bounce since it may be oversold; however, in the long run it's a depleting asset.. My strategy is to buy at these lower levels and hope for some improvements in the next filing while some investors possibly like yourself chase this yield. I doubt that from my Yahoo posts alone I'm letting the cat out of the bag. Even at these life time low levels I'm still taking a huge risk.. Doing the same with PER... completely sold SDT for a loss..GL!

    • Everything SD getting destroyed.. what a disaster.. look's like my bid in the $8's will get filled. too late to sell anything SD. Also picking up some PER.. good grief Charlie Brown!

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