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  • orenmail2 orenmail2 Nov 20, 2008 11:30 PM Flag

    Bond in a Stock

    this thing is yielding higher than the entire yield curve?

    Is this an un tapped location of T-bills, or is this the peak price of the stock, as income will decrease overtime, as thier assets cannot appreciate in value (unless we see an all zero yield curve)

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    • someone wanted out big in september, computer has kept it going up on choppy volume at best. suspicious minds wonder if these bond funds are nothing more than shells (anything etf or bond with the LEH label is at risk imho). time will tell,, but i wouldnt look for that chicken leg at $82.73 to hold up once a mass exit starts. meantime, the plain and simple $usd keeps going up gold have gotten what they wanted: obama as for the rate cuts diluting the $usd? that has effectively stopped,,,,,,nobody qualifies and there is no demand for loans,,,,only demand of payments/cash.

      in a nutshell: sitting in cash and getting no return is safer than investing in bonds for no return at this point. a few momo stocks here and there,, ie: ASEI broke out and PETS 17.95 is number 8 on the ibd list prolly for guard dog maintenance.

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