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  • chowchow7120 chowchow7120 Feb 28, 2013 3:27 PM Flag

    Mr.John seen at schering-plow by a friend of mine, dont know if it is about drop or not

    could be he is taking this thing personally to big pharma to try and get the intradermal patent in the works or sell it to big pharma come on daymond!! this guy is the real deal

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    • I call B-S^-h^I^T I seen his Limo pull up to Five Hour Energy HQ, the day prior I know he's good but he can't get there that fast.

    • Licensing yes - sell off sompany - way too soon for that. Wh would anyone sell now without achieving and meaningful value in a start up company? i doubt this is being considered at this time. Their main focus is likely to be setting up strategic partnerships via agreements to sports and phara's so they can egin to generate a steady stream of reveunes. Once the revenes flow then the company can begin to expand their portfolio with a variety of products that will further enhance reveunes. Only after they demonstrate a repeatable and profitable process will they begin to discuss selling off the company. At least that is the way i see it going bsed on what is printed so far. I am just tryign to sweak out a living and maybe get lucky and see a small profit in this. Everyone should just enjoy the process of seeing a company grow into something. i am long on Fuse Sci. - hard to believe - eh?

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    • with the cash i got on the line with this stock, i sleep soooo much better with him on board. seems like a good person. go fuse

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