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  • hepa1 hepa1 Mar 16, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    Why the stock price fell yestarday

    Partly because the market was disappointed by the size of the new distribution channel, only 90 outlets. I think people were expecting something much bigger, like CVS, 7-11, Riteaid or Walgreens. The other reason is because the 8K which was released simultaneously suggests future dilution because they keep relying on warrants to finance operations.
    They have to generate revenues and they must stop diluting to finance operations or the price will remain at these levels or lower.

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    • i think it was a good move to offset the negative 8-K w/ the small distribution channel PR (especially on a Friday). Let that stuff get washed out on a Friday afternoon. Start next week fresh with the big announcements. I would certainly be dissapointed if they gave a huge announcement on a Friday when the market is dead and people forget over the weekend. I'm suprised so many people are disappointed in the PR release. It was stated in the PR that much larger distribution channels are going to be announced in the coming days. people need to relax a bit -- these guys know what they are doing and their not going to say 10000-15000 stores and then only do 90 stores. i would rather the 8-K be offset w/ the Kinney PR, rather than the BIG distribution announcement coupled with the negative 8-K. No need to shoot your load w/ the big announcement first -- leave that for the end. they are executing their plan and they have DJ aboard and he knows what to do. We are all just naive minions on a message board knowing nothing about the process behind their madness. Also, find comfort in the fact that TW's management team and Nike roasted this company for six months prior to signing him. TW is not going to go w/ a pump n dump scam company -- same for DJ. They did our DD for us.

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      • watched shark tank friday nite, think it was a repeat,,however, DJ once again reassured me with his comment to one of the presenters,,,,,"i only invest in things that i m passionate about",,,, then he was 'out' on that particular venture. the only 'bad' i see with our stock price is with the market itself sooo overbought, we may see a significant pullback , dare i say,,,to under 15,, if the market does pullback,, i dont see any announcements propping up our stock price if that happens. personally very much torn between holding all my shares at this time or selling half and raising some cash if the pullback in the overall market happens. at this point very confused. good luck to all.

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