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  • jsully08 jsully08 Mar 26, 2013 8:52 AM Flag

    Tiger will NEVER promote FUSE

    It's on his bag and he's on the box. Period. On all of the message boards, I keep hearing the chatter about when Tiger will start promoting product. I hope you're not holding your breath. The last two sponsors Tiger has had on his bag were AT&T and Buick. Of those two, he only actively promoted Buick. I challenge you to find an ad where he was talking on an AT&T phone or touting the benefits of ol' Ma Bell. You won't.

    I also hear the dream of a pharma deal. Keep dreaming. The science is already out there. I hear an ad daily on the radio in the Tampa area about a sublingual solution to erectile disfunction. This under the tongue technology, in addition to the transdermal (Enerjel), has been FUSE"s claim to fame. If there are other companies touting similar quick results, using similar technology, big pharma either has no use for it or can place a low ball bid on any of the companies claiming "patent pending" technology.

    I am long on the stock and hope it goes up, but it won't be because of Tiger or a pharma deal. FUSE needs guerilla marketing and subsequent sales as these are the only two things that have ever helped a company with these kinds of products. Red Bull, Monster, 5-Hour have all used guerilla marketing to great effect (before signing their major endorsors). FUSE's products live up to the hype, do what they claim, and receive rave reviews. Unfortunately, there are hundreds if not thousands products out there that do all of these things and never successfully hit the market.

    I certainly don't want to sound like a negative nelly, but this company has the potential to be huge and they're going about it the wrong way.

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    • Just to prove you wrong again - Tiger is one of the early partners. His team did due diligence for 6 months. To this day Tiger is still a team amber and endorses the products for Fuse Science. You have just been outed and discredited.

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      • Wrong again? When/where was I wrong the first time? Outed? As what? Descredited? How? No need to actually respond as this is the only time I will acknowledge your lack of reading comprehension. You remind me of Mike Tyson when he used to incorrectly use big words in an effort to sound intelligent. The only difference here is that the words you're using aren't that big and you sound even less bright.

    • News flash - he began his association with Fuse in 11/2011 and continues his association with them to this very day. So, it appears you are wrong again.

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    • They would have to pay Tiger Woods more then the market cap of the entire compnay.

    • you say guerilla marketing ? and who is probably the king of guerilla marketing ? thats why DAYMOND JOHN is onboard doing the marketing,,,just relax and let him work his contacts and his magic. besides the consumer,,daymond is the company's main hope right now in my opinion, tiger and the rest are just onboard for the ride and their faces. we're just here to see if shark tank brands can do their job.
      good luck to all

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    • sully -- you're correct on the tiger/buick/att issue, but the reason he did not do ads for ATT is because they did not PAY him to do ads. They paid him to use his golf bag as a billboard and that's it. Obviously he had a much different arrangement with Buick and he did commercials and got compensated for that part. buick was one of his first/biggest sponsors. whether he does ads for FUSE is unknown. obviously he is not getting paid to do ads becaue the company has no cash. his compensation is purely stock/options of some sort at this point. i don't think he can do any pumps of the stock because it would cause a huge upswing in people tyring to buy the product, and at this point they do not have the inventory to meet demand if tiger should all of a sudden start touting this product. management has a plan for all this and we just don't know what it is. but to say management does not know what they are doing is just plain naive. we can all sit here and put our two cents on the board, but let's be realistic -- these guys have a plan -- we just don't know what it is yet. there is a reason these guys are managing the company. let's all just take it easy..

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      • Naive? I would say the naiveté lies in one who has is overly optimistic about management's skills whilst they dilute you into the poorhouse. I understand some dilution is necessary for the company to grow, but they've gone about growing the wrong way. This is the type of product that has to grow organically by actually showing the end user what their products can do and they getting the word of mouth a la the companies I mentioned prior. Up to this point, the only thing they've been growing is their stable of athletes and endorsers. Even a halfwit playing Farmville knows you can't fill a stable without grounds on which to place it. So while it may look pretty in theory, it has thus far served no purpose but to dilute via options and give the PPS an occasional pump.

        Hopefully with DJ on board their plan is changing. I agree with another post that he can market. Though his channels may be limited in scope as I had never even heard of his Coogi brand or many of the others on his site. This doesn't mean they're not successful brands; I'm simply pointing out that they're not household names.

        Long FUSE with bated optimism.

    • Well most 10 year olds Know WHO AT&T is and WHAT BUICK is......Dont need to really promote these campaigns other than put them on your bag. But since not many people know what Fuse is then its just common sense. When you have Daymond John and Brian Tuffin Harvard grad Johnson & Johnson etc etc on Their Marketing side...just picking up TRUST ME THIS STOCK IS OFF TO THE takes time but everything is being timed perfect for the SUMMER SEASON, AND THE MASTERS, TIGER BACK TO BEING #1 GAME OVER...........over $1 in 6months GUARANTEE. THese guys didn't come here for a measly 40 Million Cap....thats not even enough to make one of them content

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