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  • tomdavis415 Apr 29, 2013 7:39 PM Flag

    DROP Displays The Most Common Indicators of a SCAM


    1. Based in South Florida but claims to be a technolgy company. Why isnt it in the heart of a tech region?
    2. Claims to be looking to revolutionize medicine but the total staff is 10 people. WHo are their scientists? what are their names?
    3. Company s primarily focused on generating media attention in order to lure unsophiscated Joes who think they have a chance to get rich.
    4. Company keeps luring in stupid Joes then issues more stock once price goes up causing massive dilution.
    5. Founder is a kid who has no background in science and he has a history of dealings with questionable operations.
    6. Founder clearly knows the scam penny stock game and appears to be milking it for all its worth.
    7. Valuation is a joke. Stock is essentially worthless with tiny revenues, huge operating expenses, market cap of $30 million, book value = 0

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    • Given the plan that is now unfolding, with putting product in every state and in multiple outlets including stores; Walgreens, Kinney Drug and Golf Galaxy and online; Walgreens, Amazon, Drugstore dott comm, GNC and their own site, now is the time to take the risk. It is obvious that the plan is to get product out there so once they run the national ads people can find it and buy it easily. Does all of this guaranty success? No. But it appears to be an all out and well calculated plan. When the national ads hit the plan will have come to fruition. The rest is quality of the ads, the product. how the company moves forward and luck. In 3-4 years the massive initial run up with have occurred, whether the company fails or succeeds. While you could be right about the price going a bit lower pending the national ads, relatively speaking they are damn cheap now. I am not suggesting someone go all in as this is obviously risky. But at least buying some now so there is a significant opening position is prudent -ASSUMING the risks are understood. Personally I think this penny stock has much lower risk given how things are going than major established companies . Where is Apple? Down almost 50% from its peak.

      If it is a scam. It's a great one. You sell more stock (which I didn't like) but then you start selling product in major chains etc, you dupe major sports figures AND their managers who protect them, the products actually exist and perform well. (I have tried them and see the reviews. Sure some are gamed but very few negative reviews. Just look at Amazon). What would Daymon and those sports figures and their managers gain from being in a scam? Tiger in a scam? Now of course they could all be duped but figure the odds.

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      • You are DREAMING. Keep drinking the koolaid.

      • Now let me address your points
        1) What tech region? All tech companies are where? None in Florida?
        2) So the management and board members listed don't answer this question? Did you call them and ask for the info? What company posts all the employees or scientists online?
        3) Isn't media attention good for sales? Isn't their product? Major outlets selling the product now? So if they didn't advertise that would be preferred? If they run national TV ads with those sports stars the scam would be bigger?
        4)Dilution was not good. However we do not know how much was raised via other means. And like I have said if you are going to dilute me make it count. So far so good
        5)Tuffin is about 43 (I was too lazy to look it up. I did the math off his bio). A kid? Just silly
        6) Opinion
        7)Valuation is not good - yet

        Like I said it could be a scam but objectively the odds are VERY low. Most of your points are ridiculous. And that invalidates what could be a genuine argument. When either side goes to far their arguments are to be ignored.

    • Talk is big and so easy when it occurs here. To prove people like this are just nut jobs here is a simple challenge. If this person really believes this is a scam then they should go after the money. Go after Tiger and Daymond for endorsing the scam. So now everyone has proof these nut jobs are just so simple minded and worthless they have to post fake and multiple IDs just to fill the board with harassing posts. These people are gutless and the ones who pose the greatest threats to our society. They are likely to snap and go on a terror spree. That is why I take no chances and report them immediately to keep our society safe.

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