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  • drostelli drostelli Nov 15, 2013 1:37 PM Flag

    like clock-work

    news comes out, stock spikes a bit and then they sell into the news and it goes right back down. This has to be the most dense crowd on any investment message board, they've done this to shareholders over and over and over again, but yet you clowns keep pumping this dog, amazing!!! back under a pathetic 3 cents again !!

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    • I really dont think DROP falls on that note this year after BTuffin.

      1.)Did you have revenues last year?
      2.)Did you have walgreens last year?
      3.)Did you have MSLP investing in DROP LY?
      4.)Did you have macudrop going on sale last year?
      5.)Did you have extra 5 celebs last year?
      6.)did you have instigating promos last year?

      if the answer to the above is NO,that means you are lucky(if you are a long)

      Sentiment: Hold