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  • lefty_rosenthal7 lefty_rosenthal7 Feb 24, 2014 8:33 PM Flag

    You have heard of the 'Rent' is too darn high!

    These stock prices are too 'darn' high!
    I am thinking a market correction is well on its way!
    This stock has rocketed up since hitting the high fives and low sixes.
    I mean how much higher can this stock or many others can they go?

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    • i am new to stock...but i like the big partners. They do no invest at bust times. count me long. dont get me wrong...markt in general has lot of 'air' underneath. always 'buyer beware'. but unless i hear otherwise, i am accumulating Regulus. Good luck!

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    • there are bio stocks who have 3X in one day this can go much higher we are in the middle of a bio tech breakthrough wherewecan cure cancer and other diseases this bio boom bubble what ever you want to call it will go on for 2 years

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    • Analyse the trends, the products, price fluctuations, news, catalysts, macroeconomic news etc and make your own wise decision. Can you be 100% correct? NO. However, with regards to biotechs the price is generally based on future prospects, uniqueness of technology, the indications, market potential, competition etc. With something with such a low volume as RGLS generally most early investors are well read about the product/technology so the price IMHO is fine for now. More catalysts could put it above the $15 mark. Do your own DD rather than complaining about the price action.

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    • It has just begun it's move. Impending Golden Cross about to happen - could easily hit 18-20 near term.

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