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    • "I could not link to your link, but I did the recommended search. And apparently my search yielded something different than yours. I found not one single court case. I did find some commission hearings, which is not the same thing.
      You are wrong, and you simply won't admit to that, which is fine. Be stubborn. But as I pointed out repeatedly, and you are unable to refute, when James Caan said "I am honored to be considered Italian" do you think James Caan is saying that he is an Italian? If you do, you're one dummy. Caan himself explained that he is NOT ITALIAN. But that doesn't prevent him from being honored by being considered to be.
      Same with Bill Clinton. Being "honored" by someone else's statement has nothing to do with adopting that statement as your own. "

      First off, the topic was NOT James Caan but But Bill Clintons claim to be the first black president. Your original response to someone else�s post was that Bill never said that and it was a label by Chris Rock.

      Actually the first person to label BC with that title was Toni Morrison in The New Yorker. Chris Rock used it later. And it was NOT in the most favorable light. It was not for his accomplishments.

      My response was that Bill said he was honored by the title therefore approving it and claiming it. Since then we have gone back and forth on the meaning of honor and considered.

      Ok back to the original point. Here is where Bill says "That�s why I went to Harlem, because I think I am the first black president."

      I know you have a hard time with links so here are a few all with the same quote,1,7907,00.html

      By the way EVERYDAY in bankruptcy COURT they ask the spouse, If I were to ask you the same questions as your spouse, would your answer be the same or generally the same? They answer YES and the yes holds the same weight as making the statement. Since you have trouble seeing that I am going to bet that you are paper pushing lawyer and not a trial lawyer, if you are a lawyer at all.

      And if in your search you could not find a case where they ask that then your search abilities SUCK. And as a person with a college education you DOUBLE SUCK. AND as a lawyer you could not find it, You TRIPLE SUCK.

      Like I said give the man his $10 you welch.

    • I don't blame Maryland for Jayson Blair. A liar is a liar. I do blame them for Connie Chung; what a lightweight.

      You'll probably do fine with your grades and law school. Unlike a lot of other graduate schools, law schools (in general) like to get a broad mix of students because the idea is that you learn a broader interpretation of law from a diverse mix of students. They go out of their way to get students with different backgrounds, different careers, different school experiences, etc. I don't think blowing off a few classes in undergrad is going to be the hurdle that you think it is. Instead, they'll look to your entrance essay, how you explain it, how it made you see things, would you do the same thing again. They're looking for the way your mind analyzes things, not just numbers on a page.

    • i was a multi tasker, usually just on weekends

    • Where I went to school, if you were loaded all the time, chances were that you didn't graduate!

      That being said, I know plenty of people who were smashed at least part of the time.

      And that being said, I never tasted alcohol until I was 25. I'm not kidding... went through college totally dry.

    • i graduated magna come loaded

    • I'm so comfortable with my intelligence that even though I was marked as one of the "gifted" kids in high school, I blew off classes... and finished with a 2.3 GPA!

      I'm also so comfortable that while my high school GPA blew, sucked and snowballed, my ACT and SAT scores blew most people out of the water... and I got into a great school... where I blew off classes that I wasn't interested in (or those not in my major or minor) and graduated with a sub-3.0 GPA. (Major GPA much, much higher.) Some people (like Fly) graduated summa cum laude or magna cum laude. I graduated "praise the Lawdy."

      Will that GPA get me into law school or J-school for a master's? Probably not Harvard Law. Probably not Columbia Journalism. But, hey, there's always Maryland for journalism (even though I hold Jayson Blair against Maryland).... LOL!

    • I agree. "Have You Driven A Ford Lately?" dates to the mid-1980s, I think... remember when all the commercials ended with the Ford oval with the airstream-looking ribbons swirling over it?

      HYDAFL? seems to say, "We used to suck, but in case you haven't noticed, we don't suck anymore." I don't like the sound of that. I'd rather hear Q1 any day.

      Especially since quality is greatly improved. GREATLY improved.

    • "Congratulations, you see that the two statements do not mean the same thing, but mean different things altogether. Perhaps you could explain it to that "az" fellow, who can't seem to grasp the difference. "

      YOU NUT BALL, that is not what he said. He identified it correctly as one being a factual statement and the other being political BS.

      In the Clinton acceptance of being considered "the first black president" you fail to comprehend that he is in agreement with it. For some reason you just cannot accept that BC would be in agreement that he is the "first black president"

      What do you have against that statement?
      Are you so narrow minded that you can accept BC claiming to be the first black president?

      His REASON for being considered the "first black president" are below.
      "I think it's a function of the work I have done, not just as president, but my whole public life to try to bridge the racial divide and the fact that even when I was a little boy I had friends who were African-American," he explained.

      IF he did not agree with the title then why would he quote the reasons above for why he IS the FBP?

      Which is kind of weird when the first reference to BC being the FBP was by Toni Morrison and she described BC as follows, could be considered as malicious.

      "White skin notwithstanding, this is our first black president," she wrote of Clinton. "Blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children's lifetime. After all, Clinton displays almost every trope of blackness: single-parent household, born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald's-and-junk-food loving boy from Arkansas."

      So in BC fashion, Bill has made up his own version of WHY he is the first black president.

      See previous post in case
      Now give the man his $10, welch.

    • thats my take on what you presented, wat to confusing to follow the other

    • Congratulations, you see that the two statements do not mean the same thing, but mean different things altogether. Perhaps you could explain it to that "az" fellow, who can't seem to grasp the difference.

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