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  • ibdtrader ibdtrader Apr 23, 2004 5:38 PM Flag

    KERRY lying to the press and public

    Once again White House hopeful Kerry tried to lie to further his agenda.

    During a discussion over fuel tax issues, a press writer asked Kerry "Do you own an SUV?". "No", Kerry replied. When confronted by a follow-up question about the 2003 Chevrolet Suburban registered in his name, Kerry replied "Oh yes, but that is for my Family, I do not drive it".

    Mr. Kerry must be taking tips from Bill Clinton's book of definitions.

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    • A very good post. We too often forget how good we have it in this country. Which is exactly why I have little patience with those who bitch and moan about how high taxes are here. We pay the least taxes of any developed nation, and we live pretty high on the hog. Yea, we'd all like to belive our own personal success is due to our own hard work, but the reality is that it is our Government that gives us the resources to make it here. As Warren Buffet pointed out, had any of us been born in Zaire or Zimbabwe or even Mexico, our chances at being successful would be significantly diminished.

    • Well, I just read Joe's reply. It's nice to see this expansion of the two posts we just exchanged brought out the good in him (factual or not) and allowed him to steer off his steady campaign of political posts, even if only temporarily.

      But I still wonder (and I bet many others here do too) what it is that brought him to the Ford board to strictly engage in political topics? I'll leave that to someone else to make that conclusion.

    • Maybe so, DiB, but why are those other people "deprived"? It's not because they have no ambition. It's because they live in oppression or in societies where the government provides for every need -- therefore, there's no incentive to do better.

      It's no use to compare America to the third world, though the Third World certainly seems to make its way to our borders more and more all the time (and if some people have their way, those people will have driver's licenses just like those of us who are legally here).

      Put simply: We should encourage those people to achieve on their own. Maybe we can help get them started. Maybe they'll get over their envy/jealousy/enmity of western civilization.

    • South Korea is much better today, and starting to be very competitive with Japan, but in the early 1950 you would clearly have taken the U.S. and any prejudice over remaining there. Obviously you have some inkling of this and your drive and tenacity is to be admired.

      A friend sent me a message recently that included the following:

      -If you have food, are clothed, and have a roof for shelter, you are richer than 75% in the world.

      -With money in the bank and your wallet, you are in the top 8%.

      -If you own the computer on which you read this, your wealth is in the top 1%.

      -If never imprisoned, tortured, felt pangs of starvation, you are more fortunate than 700M.

      -If you can attend church without fear of harrassment, arrest, torture, or death, you are better off than 3 billion.

      -And, even if written in their native language, 2 billion of the world's citizens could not read this.

      You should perhaps consider the possibility, though, that others are aware of the beauties and warts of the U.S., and more are impressed by those who work to change warts to beauty than by those who too persistently point to the warts, while more warts grow. Put another way, better to work with your neighbor to extinguish fires in your homes than jump up and down and yell "fire". You might see how tedious that can become.


    • i think some create there own racist cloud around them thru inferiorty complexes and always being on the defense with a chip on shoulder. i grew up from 5/yo with 2 brothers japenese amercians born here and we never even considerded them to be different and neither did they> where 2 of my best friends growing up

    • Thanks, pops, but you're way off. I'm not in the least bit bitter about anything. As for my personal bio, well, if you're really interested here it is.

      I was born the son of an American GI who married a Korean gal while he was over there serving in the Korean War. She had the unfortunate luck to marry a guy who brought her back to the U.S., left the Army, and then was diagnosed with leukemia and eventually died at age 32.

      Poor fellow, he never got to see his kids grow up in a country that was so racist at the time that it was common practice for my school friends' parents not to allow me into their homes. You can imagine what life was like for me and my siblings when North Korea siezed the Pueblo. So I did grow up with a fair amount of street fighting experience, out of necessity. Good ol' America, prejudices and all.

      But nonetheless mom was a resourceful gal, and raised 5 kids here without accepting a penny of government assistance. She didn't believe in taking handouts. All the kids worked their way through college, two through law school, one through a Masters in Psychology. Yea, we've lived the American Dream, and I'm darn thankful for it.

      However, I also think that we have a patriotic duty to point out when the country is doing wrong. I don't believe in that "my country, wrong or right" BS. A true patriot stands up and criticizes when things are wrong.

      If you talked to me in person you'd see that I'm not angry or bitter or mad about anything. I'm passionate about my beliefs, but if you talked to any of my colleagues or clients they'd probably all say I'm the happiest guy they know. How can I not be? I've got almost everything I want, and in general I live a very good life. I'd just like to see those who have not been as lucky as I have been get a chance at the good life too.

    • I'd say your maturity is in a time warp. You're still playing old records.

    • IBD, I just can't buy that. Joe is too intelligent to be wandering around unemployed looking for a job. You got to remember, the guy is in his forties. I think he's a legitimate lawyer. I'm not really sure about his family structure. Don't even know if he's married or has family. He does'nt refer to that. I have no idea about his personal life. Never even thought about it. He has though, on a couple of occasions, insulted my wife, although my wife does'nt even know what a message board is, and does'nt care. I don't know why it was important to him. I know he's careful, based on his posts, to talk too much about his family. I assume he's single, of course that's not relevant. I know he's very bitter based on his posts. I know something is hurting him. That being said, I kind of like the guy. I think he just grew up with the wrong people and was very impressionable. People we come in contact with shape our lives, for better or worse. Joe's OK. He's just angry, and shouting out is his way of having people notice him. He's really not a bad guy in my opinion. IBD, take care. You need somne help for whatever reason, I'm here on this board. See you later.

    • I suspect if this were a military operation, you would be known to be wearing the wrong uniform, and might be hung as a spy.

      Your camouflage isn't all that effective.


    • Sorry, pops, but the words were accurate. He was a drunk, and has the two DWIs to prove it. He got his congressman daddy to get him into the National Guard to dodge the draft. He was AWOL from the Guard in Alabama. I'd say my maturity trumps Bush's.

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