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  • american_chariot american_chariot Jul 12, 2004 1:50 PM Flag

    Listen-up Ford! Siriusly!

    Why in the world would you let your competitor outfit over 40 models of its vehicle lineup with "hot-selling XM radios", (along with their execellent on-board services division, On-star), while you sit back and do nothing?
    No wonder Fords "ain't selling"!
    Get-with it Ford, the Dog that is, Sirius Satellite Radio, and I suggest you get a good "name brand" on-board services division too!

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    • I would think that any consumer willing to watch their pocketbook would be more than satisfied to listen to cost free radio than pay $10 or more a month to listen to basically the same thing. The only exception I can think of is possibly over the road truck drivers. I think it's a frivolous investment for the average car owner.

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      • So you might think, but look at the success GM is having with XM.
        This is a "growing new industry". The days of AM/FM are waning! This is the 21st Century.
        And to show you "how out of touch" your perception is of "satellite radio", in your last post you say, that "why pay $10.00 for basically the same thing as am/fm?". Well, that's just it, sat.-rad. is NOT bascially the same thing as am/fm!
        It's "totally commercial-free music", anywhere anytime! Plus another 60 channels of news/talk/entertainment and the like! Stock quotes/weather info/traffic info/ and soon "video in the backseat"!
        Why would anyone listen to CD's when they can turn-on the phonograph? 8-track is cheaper, isn't it? Why would anyone listen to a compact disk when they can hook-up a "reel-to-reel"?
        Or better yet, why would anyone communicate on the computer, when they can "call American Telephone and Telegraph and have a switchboard operator" connect them to their desired callee?
        Do you still get Ice delivered to your ice box?
        Or, does the milkman drop off fresh milk at 4 am in the morning, to your front doorstep?

      • Over 2,700,000 consumers of satellite radio totally disagree with your assessemt!

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