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  • fa_pues fa_pues Sep 22, 2004 9:06 PM Flag


    Your "antiwar" statements and activities were painful for those of us carrying the scars of Vietnam and trying to move on with our lives. And for those who were still there, it was even more hurtful. But those who suffered the most from what you said and did were the hundreds of American prisoners of war being held by Hanoi. Here's what some of them endured because of you, John:

    Capt. James Warner had already spent four years in Vietnamese custody when he was handed a copy of your testimony by his captors. Warner says that for his captors, your statements "were proof I deserved to be punished." He wasn't released until March 14, 1973.

    Maj. Kenneth Cordier, an Air Force pilot who was in Vietnamese custody for 2,284 days, says his captors "repeated incessantly" your one-liner about being "the last man to die" for a lost cause. Cordier was released March 4, 1973.

    Navy Lt. Paul Galanti says your accusations "were as demoralizing as solitary (confinement) ... and a prime reason the war dragged on." He remained in North Vietnamese hands until February 12, 1973.

    John, did you think they would forget? Well?

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    • When you put Fox with the left media you lose

      do not collect $200
      do not pass go

    • I knew you didn't have the intelligence, wisdom or fortitude to answer a very simple yes or no question, let alone articulate and demonstrate to the rest of us a coherent position on Iraq/terrorism. Yes in war many answers are yes or no. War is kill or be killed (except if you are Kerry, Edwards and Kennedy who have this ridiculous notion that war can be sensitive and clean). It really is an ugly business, but unfortunately a busineess that needs to be conducted and conducted ruthlessly.

      When you obtain some kind of education on these matters and you discontinue your liberal hyperventilation I will happily engage you in a debate.

      Your comment suggesting that I have some unfulfilled sexual needs with children only demonstrates your inability to challenge me on the facts and is so typical of liberal tactics when the facts are against them. That said I can answer the question "NO".

      Fortunately for you the anonymity provided by the internet precludes you from the public ridicule that you justly deserve.

      One last comment concerning Japan. It required two nukes, not one to bring them to their knees, despite that fanatics continued the war for months and years after the surrender and it took ten years to reconstruct Japan (not 10 months). All of this is well documented although I don't believe Michael Moore ever produced a Fictionmentary on the subject. By any chance have you received your GED or have you been educated in Cuba?

      Get a life.

    • That's true.
      But it has nothing to do with the statement you take out of context.
      The major problem we all have with what is going on in Iraq is exactly what Allawi said. Our lousy far left news media, (and even FOX news), is not reporting the progress made in Iraq. All they wish to report is news that incites. I would like to see the other side of Iraq but he self centered news media does not wish to report it. We have a news media thaty abuse their first amendment rights by reporting biased news.
      They don;t deserve the protection of the first amendment. Journalism is dead.

    • That makes him at least half Un-American then lol

    • �Few care to look at Iraq properly, and go from Basra to Nasiriyah, to Kut, to Diala, to Najaf, to Karbala, to Diwina, to Samawa, to Kirkuk, to Sulaymaniyah, to Dahuk, to Irbil. There are no problems,� he said.

      Thats about as valid as pointing out that outside , The pentagon, Penn and the twin towers the rest of America was perfectly safe during 9/11

    • The plot thickens.
      While Kerry rants and raves we should have taken care of Iran and North Korea instead of Iraq, we now see a twist in the plot. Ir appears we may not have to worry about Iran. With Saddam out of the way Israel does not have him to fear if it attacks Iranian Nuke sites. Maybe,Mr. Hanoi John, the idea of attacking Iraq was a good idea. We can get the Israeli's to do the dirty work in Iran. The cast of characters will be firmly in place on November 2nd. Act II begins Nov.3rd and the plot is starting to get exciting. Watch for the outcome, it will sure to surprise you as it will Hanoi John.
      Get into the act, Vote for Bush in November.

    • He was correct fniguy. Evertrue captured my point.

      You have lost perspective.

      Carry on with your ranting now.

    • I think, if you would just turn your brain on to "on", that half of your countrymen do indeed represent half of the political division. Slightly more, actually. There's no flip flop there. Only in your attempt to sound smarter than me. But it does'nt work that way. You say Kerry is mistaken on a key point. I submit to you, Kerry is mistaken or even misleading on a lot of his points, and you are deceptive on a lot of yours. Both of you seem to think you can dazzle people with bullshit, but you just can't pass the smell test. Have a nice weekend.

    • I think he was referring to the population by political leaning. Not anything to cause you to blush from praise. Your posts are a little offensive I would guess for the average person because your brain cells seem to be programmed and don't compute new information. Other than that, you're probably nice to the family. Have a good one.

    • I wasnt talking about foreign policy fniguy.

      I was talking about your palpable HATE for people who dont see everything your way.

      Re-read some of your posts....your frothing at the mouth against approximately half of your fellow countrymen.

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