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  • lost_flip lost_flip Jan 11, 2005 5:48 PM Flag

    Visteon - An Anchor on Earnings

    I'm waiting to see how Ford handles Visteon's impending financial crisis. They have bailed them out every year since the spin off. This has been one of the biggest debacles in recent history. Visteon has some of the highest prices in the industry because they are forced to use Ford UAW workers and can't match the labor advantage of the other suppliers. Since Visteon supplies 60-70% of the purchased parts (by dollar value) on some vehicles, Ford has no choice but to keep feeding them money. An effective resolution to the Visteon problem is just as important as the new cars.

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    • You are right...forgot that FN was port street, EN is Van Buren Township.

    • "Wow, I thought those guys in Van Buren Township JCI plant were making EN and FN seats. Wonder what all those EN and FN seats they are making in VB Township are being used for."

      I can't speak for EN but the FN seats are made in Plymouth Twp., and not under the F/Visteon labor agreement. The 20% jump seats for FN are made in Van Buren, still not under the F/Visteon agreement. They still may be providing foam from Chesterfield but the plant is essentially shuttered.

      BTW, the difference between the plants is night and day. Chesterfield was a stone-age pit - good riddance.

    • Ever, I asked Ford if I could get a buy out of pension...they said no. So I will take it when I turn 55.

      I am trying to find the right contact to ask Visteon the same question. I would rather get a buyout of pension, but these companies dont want to seem to want to do that anymore....which could be an ominous sign.

    • Auto, maybe you can movd that out into another deferred tax free account. I would'nt bet a lot of money on those rascals.

    • I have 6 years of pension with Visteon. I sure hope they survive and prosper.

    • DPH has done a much better job than VC in securing non-GM customers. But I thought VC made some strides in that area. I thought they got some climate control projects for GM (Saturn Vue?).

      But they dont have the breadth of DPH. DPH, for example, is making the entire IP for the Mercedes M SUV.

      VC did get the IP business for the Nissan Titan/Quest.

    • wow, they only moved off the same computer
      system last year. Thats it, thats some
      of your great info, and that needs to be
      recommended by someone other than you of course

      so genius, tell me how having a manufaturer
      and a parts supplier so overly dependant
      (is this what you are saying?) on each other
      will end in doom. Will V kill F someday, are
      you actually saying that? or are you saying
      it might cost F a penny per share since F
      doesn't have a perfect relationship with V
      that other car makers have with all their
      suppliers :-)

      Rumor on the street is that you are sitting
      around in your underwear, petting your cat
      and daytrading F...

    • > >>How can Visteon be independent when their plants are operated with "leased" Ford employees?<<

      What does being independent have to do with where the labor pool comes from? If I have a company staffed entirely with people from a temp service, does the temp service own my company simply because it supplies me with workers?

      Fly - Even though we disagree, I respect your points. I think the spin off was poorly executed (by Jac Nasser). Delphi had 9 years to get ready, Visteon had 2. Visteon is independent to a degree, but they are tied to Ford and vice versa. They only moved off the same computer system last year.

    • Fly, you are absolutely right. But I still have reservations about Ford's relationship with Visteon. They are tied at the unbillical cord as best as I can see. Ford has more than a supplier/customer relationship. Ford , from their actions, will not allow Visteon to fold. Visteon cannot survive without Ford. Just my unsophisticated(Damn that's a long word. Did I misspell it?} opinion. I might add, the guy running Visteon at this time was a top executive at Ford. Am I wrong? The temps at Visteon are in essence, Ford employees. Of course, as long as they are hourly, they will be protected. Fly, what do you think?

    • What is the word on the Visteon resolution?

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