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  • engr00thedildo engr00thedildo Jan 28, 2005 7:27 AM Flag


    I found a post on that shows that some employees feel that they are mistreated by Toyota. It is interesting to note the emphasis on 100% customer satisfaction in light of all the current complaints about Toyota by mistreated customers. What length will Toyota go to get employees to coerce such satisfaction from their customers? Has anyone else found anything on Toyota's employees and how they feel about their workplace? I am wondering because I feel that many workers are caught in the middle of this sludge issue. They have no choice but to deceive just as Toyota continues to do. It is a most difficult position to be in and I am empathetic to that extent. Toyota is intentionally corrupting its employees by making them deceive the public in order to keep their jobs. This is so unfair. Racist Aparthied Policies Torrance California *Consumer Comment ..Remember Pearl Harbor SO contact TOYOTA @ 19001 S. Western Ave Torrance California 90509 U.S.A. Phone Number: 310-4685030

    Toyota Motors Corporation claims it is a company that respect diversity and has a diversity plan! Toyota also demands hight standards from its sales employees to get the highest customer survey scores, more so than it demands high standards from its franchises to respect civil rights of women, older employees, and minorities. Toyota does not prohibit its franchisees from practicing racist aparthied policies and civil rights violations. Toyota claims the franchisees are independent businesses. Yet Toyota dealerships fire employees for not getting 100% customer satisfaction surveys. Toyota has a higher priority for its cars and surveys than how its dealerships treats its employees and minorities when their civil rights are violated. Toyota dealerships stripp all employees of thier civil right to go to go to court in case their civl rights are violated. Toyota executives say it is not their problem. This shows Toyotas attitude towards minorities and civil rights. Please boycott Toyota Products. Do not support Toyotas, Lexus an Scion products. Please remember you do not have to a minority or a person of color to be affected by Toyotas racist Aparthied polices. Your age, color of your gray hair, disability, or gender or sexual preference can also make you a victim. This is about civli rights that affect whites as well.

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