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  • HotArt HotArt Feb 11, 2005 3:16 PM Flag

    a even better idea....

    leave it alone - this is "going nowhere" This is a kangaroo court with no honest dialog.

    Let the lemmings head for the cliff - they don't want constructive & honest input on any aspect of this company.

    Look at your world with your "Ford Blue" colored glasses - maybe they will help keep you from seeing the world go right on by...

    Lap it up...

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    • You know, I also was underwhelmed by the 500 at first. Yet the more I see on the road, the more impressed I continue to be. There exterior has just enough polished trim to have a certain elegance. I really like the Limited interiors.

    • I love these self proclaimed mental giants. There's a similar individual on the FON forum named Sparkie RF. This guy is very knowledgable and I've read negative posts and name calling for the last 2 years, with many posts including selected facts. I started buying back then and now have a very large position with a cost basis of about $7.00/share. Today it's at $23.00+. I expect to see $30.00 in 12 months and this genius is still posting.

      Let's be thankful for folks like Ho-tart for their contribition to our buying oppurtunities.

    • When I first saw the 500 in print, I felt it was boring. But I recently saw one in person and It's not as bad as I thought. The 500 is no Edsel. Give it some time.

      Any shortfall from the 500 will be more than offset by continued strong sales of the F150 and the Escape.

      Ford's short term future will depend alot on the new Mustang. Sales will be excellent and increase traffic at the dealerships.

      Finally picked up some shares today and I'll add a significant amount should it drop another 5 or 10 percent.

    • You make some valid points.....BUT......some of your points about the passion of design dont explain the success of the Toyota Plainess.

      I could see the 500 competing well with the Avalon, until I saw the new Avalon. Toyota has raised the bar again.

      If the price points are similar, the Avalon and the 300 will take both ends of the market (radical design and refined luxury).

      The LaCrosse will play as well.

      That being said, i think the best thing going for the 500 is the ride height...its a high vehicle...park it next to the 300 and it really jumps out.

      The Avalon aint a big seller, but it looks nice.

      I have concerns regarding this split of the midsize market that F is trying with the 500 and the Fusion. I hope it works well. But it smells like what Nissan tried to do for years with the old Altima and the Maxima.

    • << gental man or woman >>

      What the ???????

      LAP Me...

      You are so f'n smart.

    • no, no, no, WRONG, you are a mo ron

    • no, no, no, you have it ALL wrong, u r a mo ron

    • I don't care about any of that - who's the bigger man -

      none of it...

      my point is the company - & it's sucess...

      don't want the american automotive industry to look like say...the american off road motorcycle industry... or the american ship building industry...

      & who's the "gental man or woman" out there - recomending the post & too scared to actually write & state his/her thoughts for all to see?

    • HotFart,

      F isn't the only stock I own. I feel fine.

      LAP me....

    • Well _ I hope that she is in heaven smiling down on you for your stock pick -

      feel better?

      & what is wrong with a mother not being proud of her son...

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