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  • fullerton_titan fullerton_titan May 3, 2005 2:36 PM Flag

    M. Jackson Guilty cuz he is BLACK...

    Society already gave the one FREE PASS to O.J.

    BTK - LIFE in prison although he killed about ten people...he is white.

    Atlanta bomber..LIFE not death, cuz he is white.

    Green River killer Life cuz he is white too...although he killed over 50 people.

    Washngtn D.C. shooters......both got the DEATH cuz they r BLACK.

    u need more proof.

    CAlifornia....over 70% of prison pop is minority although they just make over 50% of pop.

    Law enforcement jobs...about 70% whites although whites make less than 50% of population.

    Discrimination---power n control.

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    • You are one of the dumbest, bigoted, narrow minded people I have ever seen here.
      And I'll bet you're thinking I said that because of your ethnicity.
      And you would be so off base. I said it because you talk like an idiot.
      Also...Last I heard(on tonights news) is that the jury is still out on MJ.
      Do you really think that white people waste their time wondering what they can do to make the lives of black people miserable. I doubt it.
      You live in the Greatest Country in the world and all you have to say is "Mom, their pickin on me, cause I'm black." Grow up.
      The world owes you zip, dog.
      If you hate it here, move away. This is no Garden of Eden, here. But let me suggest you move with your family to Nigeria, or a country similar. You have plenty to choose from. Go where they the mutilate the genitals of the the majority of the females. Your wifes???, your daughters???, your sisters??? Or where if a woman gets raped by some animal, and the laws blame the women. Go where, if you think about HIV to much, you run the risk of full blown AIDS. And no healthcare.
      But, you have it figured out that everything bad that happens to you is because your Black.
      Grow up, man.
      Try focusing on the positive things in life instead of the B.S.
      I got Hep-C in the Viet-Nam, and today it has progressed to liver cancer. I only mention it to make the point, that if you & I were to put all our problems on the table, I'd bet you'd be happy to take all your problems back. Do ya think all this crap happened to me because I'm Black.
      God I feel sorry for you. You pi_s & moan more than me or anyone anyone I know with a terminal illness.
      And Please!!!!! Feel free to reply to my thoughts. I have plenty more. But I must warn you, all you'll usually get from me, are more positive thoughts.
      This complaining is makin me tired!!!

    • Hey man, all that is in the past. Please put it behind you and go on.

    • "BTK - LIFE in prison although he killed about ten people...he is white." Death penalty did not exist when he committed the murders so he is not eligible for it.

      "Atlanta bomber..LIFE not death, cuz he is white." He is getting life through a plea deal where he revealed the location of about a 1/2 ton of explosives he had hidden. Would you rather leave them hidden for maybe some innocent person to find, the hard way?

      "Washngtn D.C. shooters......both got the DEATH cuz they r BLACK." They got the death penalty because they were guilty of a crime calling for it.

      Blacks are not the only ones getting the death penalty. Texas has executed more whites than minorities since they started executions again.


    • CAlifornia....over 70% of prison pop is minority although they just make over 50% of pop.---------minorities in calif are idiots and should'nt be puttin themselves in a position to go to jail(black,white,latino)

      Law enforcement jobs...about 70% whites although whites make less than 50% of population.-------anyone of today has the opportunity to go to college and become pondscum if they choose

      Discrimination---power n control. --you'r and idiot and society needs lemons like you for us with the upper hand to get over on----job well done, and thanks for comin

    • just like a democrat to defend a peter puffer that likes screwing little boys. Don't worry, its california, they will let your precious jackson go (who prefers being a white woman) and porbably give him a few orphaned 5 year old boys to have sex with!

    • So what's your solution? Give the death penalty less often to blacks who deserve it, or more often to whites who deserve it?

      Regarding California, isn't it just possible that minorities actually commit more crimes, and that's why they're disproportionately represented in prison?

      Regarding the high number of white police officers, do you have any evidence to suggest that minorities actually apply to police forces in the same numbers as their respective share of the population at large? My guess is that they don't. It's likely that some minorities (Asians, for example) rarely apply to become police officers.

      I'm not saying discrimination doesn't exist; I'm saying that I'm not convinced it is the reason for all the disparity.

    • Cry me a river! Loser

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