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  • fitmale4u2000 fitmale4u2000 May 5, 2005 2:00 PM Flag

    Investigate S&P

    These bastards are as trustworthy as the Wall Street Anal-yst. Fucking the American People again!!

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    • There is a special training they must go through to be able to repair a Hybrid....mostly safety type items on how to service with High the sales person has to know how to tell a customer how to know if the car is on.....(when it kicks in battery mode, it works like a golf cart!) HA

    • thanks will have to watch for one

    • "She went on to interview a man who had purchased a Prius a few weeks earlier. He said that he now spends all of about $5 a month in gas - never mind that he had to spend over $20k on the car to spend only $5/month in gas. His rationale for buying it was that his previous passenger car(didn't say what make or model) was costing too much at the pump, with gas prices north of $2. Go figure. But it's his money, so what the hey."

      The more important point here is that the hybrid cars ARE NOT pollluting the environment as much. I would GLADLY sit in a 2 hr. traffic jam surrounded by hybrid cars than the way it is today.

      When is somebody going to recognize that its actually valuable and desireable to buy and drive a car that doesn't pollute as much and uses less gasoline to get you there? We all breathe the same air, and all want to take a trip to appreciate redwood forests........

    • Dude. Come to California, live here for 20 years (I am from KCMO) and tell me if you SEE or HEAR anything about Ford Hybrid Escapes, or Mercury Mariner Hybrids, or any other Ford cars. You don't.

      CA is a huge car market, and F doesn't come close to selling as many cars as Honda/Toyota/Nissan. Those cars are everywhere, you don't need any research or studies to see what is being bought by the driving public.

    • does the escape hybrid have any badging on it to indicate the difference

    • Well you might want to do some research, first of all the hybrid escapes are backordered for the year, and the escape including all variants is increasing. Its due for a redesign in the 2008 model year on the CD3S platform (think mazda 6).

      Actually Escapes sell extremely well in the midwest area and so do Fords in general.

    • They do advertise them, but just in the areas they are sending them to. I know when Job 1 started rolling off the line, Ford just sent them to the east and west coast and big city areas. They are also being built and tested in some cab fleets in NY (probably for long term durabilty testing??) It is my understanding that the demand is currently larger than the supply.

      I've driven them, they actually seem to have the same power at the V6. There really is no performance issues with it as far as power. However, if you don't do alot of city driving, the gas mileage diference is minimal. I don't do much city driving but was stuck on the interstate at a snails pace. I went 7 miles without the engine turning on.....(7 miles in about 30 minutes I should say).....That probably saved a couple of gallons of gas.

    • I don't care how many they make.

      I have NEVER seen an Escape ad on tv, and I would consider myself an average tv viewer. Why aren't they advertising the line?? All that is ever advertised is trucks.

      Hybrid Escapes won't sell in the midwest. Those buyers are too hooked on traditional cars, and will take forever to make the change, because they see it as underpowered and different. I bet the Escape is a slow seller at dealers. However, in CA they could potentially sell alot of them, due to buyers being more open to the concept.

    • Move = Sell. (Or I don't understand your comment)

    • ps...that is 80 to 100 hybrids per day.

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