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  • commerce314 commerce314 Jun 11, 2005 8:58 PM Flag

    Unions kill a good thing

    You have heard from me before. I am always right.

    The situation with the U.S. debt is getting grim. If we don't pay down the debt when times are good, when will we? If you study the concepts of the Austrian school of economics, you will come to the conclusion that we are in deep trouble. The imbalances need to correct. We have a budget, accounting, and trade defecit. And to top it off, we have personel debt at a level never seen before. We are really living off the fat of this country. When interest rates go up, we will have a hell of a time trying to pay the interest on this 7.8 Trilloin debt. The only solution then will be to print more money. Stagflation and depression like you have never seen before will result. The ones that will be rewarded are people who own gold stocks or physical. You will be able to swoop in and buy vast acerage and real estate. The Chinese own about 700 billion of our debt and can flood the market with these bonds at any time resulting in a collapse of the dollar. Keep buying Chinese goods, you will help speed the process. Don't buy American made goods. You will only create American jobs.

    The U.S. people have become lemings by buying into the patriot act. Giving up your rights is not patriotic. Your ancestors gave their lives to protect these rights and know you spit on their graves. Washington and Jefferson are probably turning in their graves.

    Enough for now. I can only pray to God that some will wake up.

    The unions must give huge concessions or the manufacturing will go overseas. don't be stupid, give back to GM.

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