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  • rackets_alert1234 rackets_alert1234 Jul 1, 2008 5:34 PM Flag

    Hey NeoCONs how's thaT iRAQ oil war?


    the one where Georgie said it would be over in 30 days and their Oil,would pay for eveything, the one where the US FACISTS have now
    Bankrupted the US and OIL is $145 a barrel? hows that going for ya criminals?
    Going good for Prez Cheney and his no bid facists? Hallibuton moved to a MUSLIM country, not reported much on Facist Fox "News" is it?
    going real good, for the war profiteers and criminal traitors?

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    • Our Iraq scam is working out just as we planned it. A endless war on terror milking the tax payers 12 billon a month for 6 years now.

      We`ve got our hands on the sweet iraqi oil now and we`re not letting go.We have our eyes on Iran for our next target.

      On the home front we`ve been able to use terrorism as a excuse to step all over americans civil liberties.We put lipstick on a pig and called it the Patriot Act.

      Hey we get criticised for what has happened in Iraq but who gives a sh!t! We`ve attained our goals and 6 years later our smoke and mirrors routine still works!!.. LIFE IS GOOD

    • actually the war against the insurgents is going quite well. Once we get the oil fields back up and running who said it won't pay for itself?

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