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  • axdgigo axdgigo Oct 7, 2008 3:21 PM Flag

    Screw Bailout, Should Have Made Your Mortgage Payments On Time.

    Let`s not forget the regulations that were removed to protect from what we have now.

    Interest only loans were garbage from day one.

    Our elected officials outsourcing good paying jobs has alot to do with this mess also.
    How many people lost their homes because they ,lost their jobs???

    That`s all Bush did was run around the world trying to get rid of jobs that made mortgage payments and paid tax revenue.

    How anyone can defend this guy is unreal.

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    • Interesting. It would seem that the person that can't make the mortgage payment would be the one to blame. But in your reality, the President is to blame. So why pay for anything? If a person makes 32K a year, why would he buy a house that costs 16K a year for 30 years? Did Bush make him lie on his application? It seems to me, that a person should take responsibility for his own actions.

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      • Sure the individual is responsible,OK,let him take the burn for biting off more than he could chew.

        Then we`ll take it a step further and let the lenders take the burn for giving these loans.
        Bad business call just like the borrower.

      • Amen. These people decidied on their own to suck all their equity out. They took low adjustable rate loans because they were sure they could refinance, in two years, with a new supply of equity. They never considered the fact that values might not go up 10% every year. The banks made products available, but the consumer is the one that defaulted. What do the ones that have made their payments on time get?

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