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  • njguy360 njguy360 Apr 7, 2009 5:03 PM Flag

    Does a GM Chapter 11 Help Ford?

    I would think that buyers that were thinking about purchasing GM products would move to Ford.

    Not sure about the supplier situation though.

    Any thoughts?

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    • Did US Air or UAL BK help American -no....all are well know brands that consumers will use. GM bk may hurt Ford as more buyers feel they need to buy more financially stable companies.

      In 1977 GM was still over 50% of the market share and Honda, Toy & VW were much smaller.

      Here's Jimmy Carter speaking on National TV about this very topic around 1977. Classic Jimmy collector videos
      <<<<<<< >>>>>>
      Where is Billy? Well GM made it then but the imports where 1/2 as many compared to today.

      GM will live on after BK ....lets face the facts...US Air filed for BK 3x's and the company lives on but shareholders and bondholders lose everything.

    • OK. Let me show you something.

      The President of the United States of America has GUARANTEED that they will not let GM fail. He also GUARANTEED anyone who bought a GM car would have nothing to worry about in terms of it's warrantee.

      What does that say to you know?

      Keep in mind he did the same thing with C. Where did that stock go to after? Up or down. AIG? Up or down. Just about every single bank stock? Up or down.

      The answer is in your question.

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      • Your points are flawed. C and BAC received aid and yes their stocks did go up along with thousands of other banks.

        In this case though, we have a Chapter 11 filing which will wipe out the common and severly ding the bondholders.

        Also with AIG, their insurance business dropped over the cliff as they were an innocent bystander while their rogue trading group destroyed the company.

    • People may consider Ford as an alternative. It all depends on dealer traffic. So one never knows ..

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