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  • brazentrader brazentrader Apr 13, 2009 10:56 AM Flag

    F +350% & Out of Steam or Sustain on What?

    Too much anticipated & baked in doesn't leave room for more upside. Risk vs. Reward just got heavy on the risk side of the scale. Count me out.

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    • weewillie08 Apr 14, 2009 7:23 AM Flag

      Brazen, the tone and reasoning of your posts have taken a turn lately. Not so much arrogance and jive, and a lot more sincerity. You are coming to be a sensible and decent poster and your thoughts & opinions have taken a notch up. I might add, I think a lot of Stockman's reasoning has finally rubbed off on you a bit, and that is for your betterment. You are much better at being honest and sincere than you were trying to be the jiver. My compliments.

    • What's plan B? That's ok. Geithner don't have 1 either. "It just has to work. It just has to".

    • The PPS has to sustain, it just has to because those free shares going to distribute have to have it that way or they lose too. Someone told me you can't always get what you want though.

    • If for some weird reason shareholders don't approve issuing another rediculous round of increasing the O/S to print more shares to freely give someone else besides them......then what? If we don't vote to increase, F goes broke and the PPS dies. If we do vote to increase, your shares dilute big time and the PPS dies. Sounds like a lose lose to me. Thoughts? Anything besides "In the year 2046 it will mean nothing" -----> because I'm concerned about today. Concerned is the proper word. TIA.

    • Speaking of shares: Internet voting is accepted up to 11:59 p.m. (ET) the day before the
      meeting/cut off date.

    • You mean weeks ago when F failed to produce March numbers regardless of the hype?

    • Braze, How come you were predicting $5.25 a few days ago?

    • Today Cuba was in the news. Someone didn't waste any time and wrote that is worth a rise in F's PPS. Maybe that person can explain. I'll wait.......

    • Tourneo's? Yeah, let's reward the PPS for this too. We've only rehashed it a few times over and over and over. What the heck. We can do it all over again in a month once we forget we already boosted on this. One day, we might actually see something happen that's been baked in. Should we RE-REWARD the PPS then as well? It all gets a bit old. We've run outta' material. Holds are going to bail. Shorts are going to reposition.....AGAIN. Imo, that's the way it should be. Promise a few things, let the PPS show the potential, and then fade as it doesn't occur. If something ever comes true, then merit the PPS based on that vision from the past as support. But to hold and hold and hold a vision with no merit is fine if you can stomach it...... Personally, I don't think wallets will hold on the realization of any news because it's already priced in should anything ever actually develope and the fear that sell on that news is at everyones fingertip. That's why your upgraded rating went no where. It's priced in, it's old, and it's hardly something to jump for joy about. There's always the WOW factor that wasn't anticipated come out of the company, but I don't vision fairy tales. There's always a loose lip anyway. Everyone anticipates a peachy quarterly and April sales numbers. If they aren't, how far you think shooting stars and 30 rsi lines will carry you then? Is that why we're 'elevated'? Softer landing of sorts? Not if it's re-shorted. I'll bet they're itching for the 1st sign of weakness. I think they're gonna' get their wish, but I hope not.

    • Look. Free of all the B/S here is my honest opinion: Ford was spiraling down a long time ago, before even I was here. I came here hoping to find some bounce in Ford and some holds in the hole backed by a strong short position. Then came the economy collapse. That was the last straw for those longs holding out. They bailed. The short interest increased some but mostly they held what they initiated a very long time ago.

      Somewhere along the line recently, somebody spoke up and said maybe F was lumped and taken advantage of? For that reason, and that reason alone, a new perspective took hold. Ford didn't take a bailout. Ok, fine, let's reward the PPS. Ford made a deal with the UAW. Fine, let's reward F. GM is failing. Ok, let's reward the PPS. Finanacials posted a gain of some sort and the market is bouncing some. Ok, let's reward F's PPS with that as well.

      F's PPS has been RE-REWARDED for everything under the sun. When back thought reward ran out, we invented new rewards based on the future of what Ford MIGHT look like. How much future do you want to speculate before you use that up too?

      I have to disagree firmly that "Ford is setting itself up perfectly for $5". I think the origin of those words today can't think past it's nose and that more traders/investors will take these points into account than Pinocchio bargained for.

      I've always opinioned that merit and the facts will always rule a guys wallet. Actions talk and B/S walks. Still waiting on that action. Holds are too. I don't think they can last based on "shooting stars & 30 rsi crosses" myself. It's going on too long with no results and every minute that ticks buy (and up as well) makes for a very very hard landing. People are fickle with their money. They don't like it stagnent or red. Ask yourself that very opinion. I'll bet I'm right. When it comes, it'll be a doozy. Bet I'm right about that too. That's why I'm out.

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