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  • gfaboud4248 gfaboud4248 Feb 9, 2010 10:55 AM Flag

    Barry; By His Own Numbers, DEFICITS Like NO OTHER


    Each Year of his Presidency Barry will Run a DEFICIT(as a % of GDP) HIGHER than any other POTUS......whether 4 or 8 years, Barry's Deficits will be the HIGHEST in History, BY FAR, for each Year.....get that, even in Barry's 8th year(if he gets it) he will run the HIGHEST deficit in HISTORY!!!!!!!!

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    • On January 4, 2007, who was elected Speaker of the United States House of Representatives?

      Wake up!!

      The dumbocraps have been in charge ever since.

    • larry, show me any effort on the Bush administration to rein in out-of-control executive compensation.

      Where was all this outrage during the Bush administration, when their policy was to help line the pockets of their CEO cronies? It was ok then, even though it helped bring down the economy. But now that a Dem is President, he's supposed to fix your mess quicker than even your own economists said was possible.

      Wake up, you were taken by the biggest pyramid scheme ever concocted. Yes, it took some intelligence to see through it, intelligence that only half the country had. I could excuse getting taken by it once, but to want to walk blindly back in to it again ... that's just retarded.

    • But there is talk about Fiscal Reform!

    • AIG bonuses of this past Wednesday did not even raise an eyebrow with the salary czar.

    • So then dawillies how then do you acct for record bonuses?
      Aig gs boa and ms and the list goes on?
      Also you dont have the sweet deal obummer gave goldman and soros on the freddie mac deal!
      Are you that blind?
      Wake up b4 you swallow the whole thing!Your a true democrap but the repubs were to blame also but Barry boy aint helpin chit so shut up about how great this crook in chief is!

    • Mr. uninformed, I guess you were too busy listening to Rush and his propaganda to read about Obama's plans to rein in the out-of-control executive compensation. Back in June, he announced a plan to give shareholders a say on the salary and bonus packages of executives and put conditions on bailout money (conditions that were NOT put into the Bush bailouts).

      Here are some of the details of that plan:

      Executives at companies that received bailout money face much more stringent compensation rules. The Obama administration named Kenneth Feinberg as the "pay czar" to oversee compensation at companies that received bailout funds, such as Citigroup, Bank of America, General Motors and Chrysler. Feinberg will enforce rules, including:

      •No bonus, retention award or incentive compensation to top-level executives and some highly compensated employees.

      •No golden parachute payment to either a senior executive or the next five most highly compensated employees.

      •"Claw back" provisions to recover bonuses, retention awards or incentives paid to executive officers and the next 20 most highly compensated employees if they provide inaccurate statements such as earnings or revenue.

      Did Bush attempt any of this? Of course he didn't. This would have been in direct opposition to their pyramid scheme intended to do just the opposite of reining in out-of-control executive compensation. We were told that this type of reward would stimulate the economy and thereby trickle back down to us. And we all saw how horribly wrong that went.

    • Mr. arrogant, which bonuses did Obama curb? Or do you count maybe switching the bonuses to preferred stock as curbing. Tell me the story about AIG bonuses this past Wednesday.

      Obama has doubled the deficit in only one year. Bush is not the president. Obama is suppose to be president. Quit hiding behind Bush.

    • Seriously, the party of the CEO and corporate welfare is now up in arms over obscene bonuses? Where was this outrage during the Bush years, when it was bringing our economy down? Did Bush ever propose to curb this, like Obama has? Did Bush make any of his handouts contingent on limiting bonuses? Of course not. They were his cronies. And once the walls came tumbling down, they scurried out like the rats they are and laughed at you idiots all the way to the bank.

      You got taken, still don't see it, and want to get taken again. How f-ing stupid are you?

    • You have control of the White House and Senate and House of Representatives. Why can't you do anything productive that throw money at large banks and insurance companies, so they can have obscene bonuses. But you do want to spend $200,000,000 for a nice trial for a terrorist on your catch and release plan. How about $60,000,000,000 for the Obama/Biden cho cho train experiment? How about the global warming swindle Obama and Gore tried to pull off?

    • Who will he blame this week? He tries to blame Bush. He tries to blame Republicans. He tries to blame Congress. I was suprised he now also blames Congress after they (majority) have been walking in lock step with his overbearing demands. If he continues to snipe at imaginary villains and his own people, his support will erode.

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