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  • ebglock1 ebglock1 Feb 23, 2010 1:34 PM Flag


    OK people! Why is the ford vehicle speed control problem not being addressed? Several models have as many complaints as Toyota. Explain. Bet I know the answer.

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    • Because there isn't any problem. Other than the one that the recent poster invented.

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      • On my F-150, the throttle system averages throttle input and sends that out to the stepper motor that controls the throttle plates. The sense from driving it was a lack of feedback. At one point I did for a moment have the truck accelerating when I slammed on the brakes before the ECU backed off the gas. I didn't think the issue was dangerous, just stupid. My solution was to install a tuner and reduce the dwell on the throttle position to zero. The result is the truck drives normal with good feedback.

      • I hope youcan read there are many more just like this.
        the accelerator and brake are so close together on my 2008 ford f150 that i have
        on occasion accidently pressed both the accelerator and brake pedals at the same
        time while braking. The first time it happened i did not know what was happening. The
        engine was revving up as i was applying the brake, so i applied the brake harder and
        the engine continued to rev higher until the truck lurched forward. This caught me
        by suprise and my foot came off the brake and the engine revved down. I realized
        that my foot had been on the accelerator the same time it was on the brake. Since
        that first time, i know that if the engine starts revving while i am applying the brake
        that i have my foot on both and can angle my foot to the left to remove it from the
        accelerator while still keeping my foot on the brake. Even so, one time i just missed
        hitting the car in front of me while "stopping". Ths seems to me to be a dangerous
        design. When the engine begins revving for "no apparent reason" one tends to panic
        and steps harder on the brake which makes the problem worse. I think there needs
        to be a recall on this problem.

    • Then tell us the answer??? I am guessing that you made the whole thing up in your head!!!

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      • You people are idiots. I will post another
        odi id number : 10307683 number of deaths: 0
        date of failure: february 2, 2010
        vin : 1ftpw14578f...
        component: unknown or other
        i own a 2008 ford f-150 xlt supercrew id#1ftpw14578fb09248/ i have been having
        acceleration problems.once sitting at an intersection luckily i was the first one at
        the light this vehicle just started racing and took off on me luckily my light just
        turned green i put both feet on the brakes and it did't do a thing as the tac was
        buried and engine reving as fast as it would go by then i was in the middle of the
        intersection and still out of control i put the truck into neutrul the truck
        stopped but the engine was racing so fast i thought it was going to blow up i then
        put it in park and shut the truck off, i had my two boys 14 and 16 with me to witness
        this and we were all scared to death. I finally started the truck back up
        reluctantly but i was in the middle of the intersection and it was fine i pulled over
        into a shopping center trying to calm down and finally drove home with no other
        problems that day. Since this was a weekend the ford dealership was closed so on
        monday morning i went to them they looked in their comuter found no recals and
        told me if i put it on the computer it would cost me 60 dollars.1 year later this same
        thing happened to me this truck took off on me like a rocket engine racing this time i
        was by myself on way to work i kept it on the road as long as i could then shot off
        into a field went approx.1/4 mile taking out stumps and trees in approx 8in.of snow
        then went airborne back over the road landing into a ditch up against two trees. I
        was semi conscious when i finally landed and stopped but all i could hear was this
        trucks engine racing as fast as it could go and i could see steam coming out of the
        front it scared me so i had the sense to put the truck in park and shut it off. Been
        doing some research same company that makes throttle/sensors for toyota also
        makes them for ford. I truly believe this problem needs to be adressed asap. I'm
        lucky i'm still alive the next person might not be over this obvious throttle/sensor

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