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  • cpae33 cpae33 Nov 27, 2010 5:39 PM Flag

    Ford Taurus NO, Acura TL YES

    Went to go drive both of these today.

    The wife and I both agreed that the Taurus drives like any other another Ford with cheap plastic inside and handles horribly unless you don't make any turns. Why the trunk is so high that it's hard to see out the back is beyond me. I'm pretty tall at 6'3" and still had a problem.

    The Acura TL was well equipped, luxurious, handled really well and the price was right. We even saved a few bucks by buying the owners car with 2700 miles on it. Made a deposit and signed the contract so we will pick it up next week.

    Regardless of what anyone says or writes nothing much has changed in terms of Ford cars. Still can't make a car that competes with Acura. This is our third one and they have always been really reliable.

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    • Yeah. I'm not the one who said the "Asians listen"....only referring to the Toyota Corolla issue where they CLEARLY did NOT listen

      I never mentioned Ford, the Explorer or the Pinto

    • Yeah. The Aians listen to their customers? How long did it take them to acknowledge the gas pedal issue?

      They denied, denied, denied until the evidence was overwhelming. Only then did they recall. They didn't listen to any customer.

      You're a shill for the happy.

    • And the EXPERTS say the same thing as we did. How do you explain that?

    • The Crown Vic is 4 wheels and steering wheel.

      We buy cars based on our budget, how they handle, accelerate, luxury, value and safety. Obviously most people do which is why the Japanese have kicked our rears for the last 40 years. My wife has enough of brain to know what's good in a car and not. I value her opinion unlike you. Given an unlimited budget we would buy BMW or Mercedes.

      FACT is even the experts said the same thing we concluded about the Taurus and the MKS. Taurus is for people who want a BIG car where handling and performance aren't important. We like most Americans don't agree.

      Make something that competes and we will buy it. Or do what the big Three have been doing and lose to the competition. Has nothing to do with Asians being better. They LISTEN to their customers. The big Three have ignored them and continue to do so.

      Don't blame me blame the big Three.

    • You missed my point.Not all of my cars have 100000 miles on them.The point is if they were not dependable I would not rent them out. I to used to be in manufacturing so what. No I don't drive around in a Cr. Vic. but have sold 100's its a great car but out dated. I don't buy cars based on if there pretty.I value my wife's opinion but not on something she knows nothing about other than what she reads.If the Asians build better cars they must make better plastic also after all you seem to think there better than americans. BUY AMERICAN

    • i have a ford f250 and it the truck to owne it is fully loader and i mean fully loaded and that a truck and it dont burn gas but that got nothing to do with the stock

    • First off my wife works too and probably makes more than you do. She drives it also and although we both are not experts we have owned and driven enough cars to know what we are looking for. You're the kind of guy living in the past driving around in a Crown Vic thinking that it's a good car. It's 4 wheels and a steering wheel. Hardly some type of advanced engineering. Being that I'm in manufacturing for a living I know enough on how to build quality materials. I certainly know plastic which has provided very well for my family. Unlike you I value my wife and her opinion.

      Yours and others attitude on here is EXACTLY why the Big Three basically went BK. You ignore reality and blame the customer. I don't need to be a mechanic to know about what's a good car or not.

      Congrats on renting cars with 100K miles on it. That must be very rewarding work.

    • I lease a TSX for my daughter for my daughter pretty good terms. Nice car drove to the Giant's game in it yesterday. Rides great. Myself I buy or lease American.

    • Not a UAW worker. I sell cars and work on cars for a living. Have been for more than 30 years. Also rent cars. I've seen plenty of Acura's in person not impressed. Renting domestic cars, some with more than 100,000 miles. No issues. Would never buy a car based on my wifes opinion. But probably knows more about cars than you.

    • I guess you didn't look at the photo's. You like ignoring the truth don't you. Typical of a UAW worker.

      And no I'm not a mechanic and I spend my time doing more productive things that changing brakes. Besides that's covered by Acura for the first 3 years/36,000 miles. Oh and I posted an EXPERT review about which said the exact same thing the wife and I did.

      Go check out a used Acura you'll be happy you switched.

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