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  • js_488 js_488 Mar 15, 2011 9:11 AM Flag

    Who can DENY End of Days now ????

    We all can see some point doubters Must think...umm they are RIGHT...count down to 2012 has Begun

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    • You obviously don't have a clue as to what racism means.

      Let me TRY and help you...a racist believes his/her race is better than anyone else's and treats others who are not of that race as if they are inferior.

      I have NEVER done ANY such thing nor have I ever thought, however, do it all day long.

      So, let's get this straight once and for all:
      Racist Traitor=YOU.
      Tolerant American=ME

      Get it?

    • ret4ever Mar 15, 2011 10:50 AM Flag

      ur married to a White woman so that dosent make you racist? hahahha..Minoritys who have married White women have been the Biggest racist of all..jus one small example..O.J. Simpson.

    • I'm married to a white woman...and she has white parents and I love them all dearly.
      So, its not about race, idiot, its about the person; so, again, YOU are a racist pryck. And people like you should crawl off somewhere and die because the world does not need you...PERIOD.

    • ret4ever Mar 15, 2011 10:45 AM Flag

      i get it zaph..u dont like white people with backbone,those who speak up and work for their groups interest..of course,you hypocritical racist such as yourself you like the lilly white liberal that is willing to sacrifice not only his White groups interest but his White childrens interest as well at the altar of Affirmative bothers you not that all minority races work openly for their groups interest..ur a bottom of the pond scum dweller zaph and thats all you ever will be.Not even worth debating because you are incapable of real are the one who is racist,hypocritical,and intolerant of others views,thoughts and opinions.You are no Bad Eagle, Boy!

    • I never said I saw God. Actually, I can be quite certain that God is a spirt that trascends time and space (seeing that It created it and all)...and guess what? Spiritual entities aren't "physical" so they would not belong to a "race"...nor would they have a gender. But far be it for me to try and dissuade you from your human delusions about, I suspect to you (and many others) God was a Middle-Eastern Jew named "Yeshua" at one time but after he was nailed to some tree, he was magically transfored in his "resurrected" into a white Mediterranean dude named of Jesus.
      Amazing how that happened...truly a miracle.

    • I honestly don't care,'re a fricken racist moron. We know that, we just need you to crawl off somewhere and die, the world really doesn't need your kind.

    • ret4ever Mar 15, 2011 10:33 AM Flag

      just for you entire article- Japaneze Dont loot-click on link or go to Thread Japaneze Dont Loot and read article i have pasted-therin you will find my answer.."dumbazz!!"...hehhehe

    • Are you implying whites don't loot? LMFAO!!! Dumbazz...
      Or just championing the Japanese societal respect for others that Americans certainly don't have for each other?
      Maybe the Japanese are better than you're stupid white azzez, then, huh?

    • I'm sorry if I do have a problem with idiots who think their concept of God is better than others and who take that spiritual vanity to extremes...PERIOD.
      I don't care what stupid mindless sect they belong to...they're ALL dumbazzez.

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