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  • dzeeman1010 dzeeman1010 Jul 27, 2011 8:25 AM Flag



    to destroy America economically.

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    • No where in the US constitution is there a provision for removing a federally elected congressional member!

      But we can Impeach the president!

    • FORE.......SKIN!!!

    • To bad the degrading of the system happened on the Democrats watch.

    • reagan would never have been able to comprehend bamis deficits

      but stupid, they're not trying to cut what has already been appropriated, but future expenditures, but maybe if there's any stupidity left over from the '07 - '10 congress, hey cut the fook out of it.

    • I am not blaming Reagan for what he had to do (raise the debt ceiling) and he did it 18 times.

      We can't change what happened in the past but we can certainly try to fix any of the resultant mess.

      Reagan did a great job cutting and ending tax loopholes BUT the GOP, over the years, simply put them ALL back in and then some. THAT is another reason why we're in this one-sided, "the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer" mess.

      I voted for Reagan. I believed in him and in many of his policies. Now, with a 30-year hindsight and seeing the effects of many of his policies (especially the "tax cuts create jobs" fanatasy and the "businesses can regulate themselves" delusion even Greenspan admitted was "flawed") I can admit I was wrong.

      Look around and SEE the results, why can't you admit you were wrong, too?

      WE ALL wanted to believe it and we were ALL wrong.

    • Not much else Reagan could do zap. Interest rates at 11% and going North. Farm economy was killed off Eqipment was going north faster then incomes, in fact after Carter pulled his stupid boycott of the Olympics which were held in Russia, soybean prices fell by over 50% and costs went up over 25%. Reagans Treasury Head now working for Obama raised the prime to over 20% end of inflation.

      I do not know about the other industries, but worked a couple jobs, to keep from loosing the farm and it was paid for. Operating costs put us in a hole so deep it was either mortgage the farm and sure as heck lose it, or work a couple of jobs, one was a 4 AM job driving hogs in the stock yards St. Joseph, another after a heck of s good shower, clesning up in a factory that was down to minimum employees.

      That was when farmers were lossing their farms, a few neighbors killed them selves their bank had closed the FDIC took them over and marked
      farmland to market even if the payements were being made on time.

      Reason why I cannot stand Carter Second time I had seen a man with his brains blown out of his head. Wife was a RN, she said no more after a couple of our neighbors wifes had called on her for help there was nothing left.

      What Reagan got Carter started and those things are not fixed in a year or two.

      Goverment bonds yeilded as high as 14%. They were callable and did not last long as interest went south they were called.

    • If the CBO did NOT have such unbiased authority, why did Boehner run around like the fool he is trying to REWRITE his bill BECAUSE THE CBO SAID IT WOULDN'T WORK?

      C'mon, Stupidziefuhrer, explain that one?


      Nice to hear GOP King Grover Dumbquist finally come around and say, "It's OK to end the Bush Tax Cuts".

      What excuse do you clowns have now?

      LMAO!!! DUH!!!

    • Yes you are correct as usual. To think their is an unbiased - non-partisan body in our nations capital and I did not even know that - what a shame - have another glass of kool aide - I will hold my laughs until next November - last laugh is best laugh.

    • The CBO is UNBIASED and NON-PARTISAN, fool. YOu8 only believe what yuo want to believe when it coincides with your prejuidices and hate.

      YOU are not an American, YOU are a bigoted Confederate.

    • No, idiot ibex, two wrongs don't make a right. But the issue today is not whether we should just waste money (the GOP did it with ease for YEARS because, according to Cheney, "Reagan proved deficts don't matter.") The fact of the matter is that TODAY we need to pay for what we ALREADY promised to pay for. You can't reopen a debate on legislation that has ALREADY been debated and passed just because a crop of newbies who are too dumb to know how government works and simply feel like they don't want to pay for it now.

      TOTALLY absurd and other words.

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