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  • Low_Mac Low_Mac Aug 28, 2011 12:36 PM Flag

    Only 600 new jobs for 17,000 applicants at Ford plant

    About 600 of the expected 2,700 jobs at Ford's Louisville (Ky.) Assembly Plant are left for new hires after the rest were claimed by workers on layoff, or UAW union members transferring from other Ford plants.

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    • Do you know that gov't this past year has passed 80,000 pages of new gov't rules and regulations? Our elected reps must be among the stupidist creatures that God has created.
      Businesses goals are to make a profit, gov't rules and regulations are tools to keep bus. from making a profit.
      Get gov't our of the way and jobs would be created.

    • UAW member jobs are closely held.

    • TWO things are going on, not just one.

      1. TESTING. "Of the 17,000 applicants about 3,000 were chosen by lottery for the math, reading and coordination testing to qualify as finalists. But the last wave was tested last week."

      Testing sounds like a fair way for Ford to pick, given there are so many applicants. It might be especially necessary at this plant, as Kentucky is a weak education state, under-funded, with lots of HS dropouts and low test scores historically, even in the white population. Having both parents be dropouts make so it harder for their children to do well in school (parents cannot tutor, check homework, etc) and then later as adults on the job, reading manuals, adjusting machine settings, being self-supervising, etc.

      Often taught that education does not matter, to justify the low taxation, as adults, the former students continue the traditions of under-funding and/or over-flunking. The problem thus goes on and on, passed down the generations. Ford doing the testing sets a different standard, says "it matters", helping make locals aware of the need for change.

      2. PREFERENCE FOR PRIOR WORKERS. The other way to choose employees is to give preference to prior workers. This has both good and bad aspects.

      It happens in many big companies and govt agencies, whether unionized or not. It is well-known that good workers will try harder, stay good workers, if they know their bosses will be loyal down the line, later on, post-recession.

      There's another advantage. With re-hired employees with good records, less training by the personnel dept (company rules) and manufacturing supervisors (how to work machinnes) is involved, to get them "up to snuff".

      What's variable? Sometimes, the re-hired come in at old wages, but maybe not.

      Nowadays, there often is a new, lower wage structure that the re-hired have to accept. That's what happened to teachers in Cleveland despite being unionized.

      The only influence of the Cleveland teachers' union, being full of older teachers, was to get the younger teachers, already paid less, laid off and trapped into repeatedly having to accept lower and lower wages. (This summer saw the second June with end-of-school-year layoffs there.)

      That seems irresponsible of the oldsters there. It backfires on them ultimately, as it makes the young teachers hate the union. The young adults blame the union instead of the fact that it is packed with oldsters who have not shared in the sacrifices to be made. Our daughter is good friends with a young teacher, award-winning, yet laid off, and who has tried to be rehired, so hears about it all.

      JB, Shaggy's mom

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      • The testing part has been going on for at least 5 years if not longer. It is run by an independent company that use at least 3 different test before making the final choice. Applicants must do a written test, then I believe a verbal and finally out into teams where they must work as a team to assemble a product. The if everything passes they are interviewed by the company and given a physical.
        High school dipolma is the minimum educational level accepted.

      • Thank god for keeping the weak and unemployable in our schools due to union rules.

        I have two daughters who are getting their Masters degrees in education.

        They will not find employment.

        The Unions will keep those teachers who continue to fail in their education to our younger generation.

        The schools will continue to allow those children who disrupt the educational process to continue to do what they want due to the fear of lawsuits from lawyers, courts and families.

        Don't spare the rod and kick out those who interfere with those who want to learn.

        End of problem and better educated children in the long run.

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