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  • zaphodb64 zaphodb64 Sep 28, 2011 1:59 PM Flag

    FORD should screw UAW and MOVE to the SOUTH

    That is what happened though, isn't it? I never said the DEms have no blame in it. YOU are simply trying to pin it ALL on them, that's the part I am contesting. DUH!

    If y want to blame Clinton for "normalizing trade relations" with china, OK, I agree because he did BUT you are so desperate to exonerate Bush of any wrongdoing, you are ignoraing that HE was the sponsor. Not Clinton. If you are REALLY looking to find blame in this, WHO WENT TO CHINA IN THE FIRST PLACE? NIXON! So, who do you to DESPERATELY try and blame now? If Nixon didn't insist on opening that can of worms, would we even be IN this mess?

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