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  • trademaker227 trademaker227 Oct 13, 2011 2:45 PM Flag


    999 For people on social security who have paid in all of their lives Cain says he will send you all 12 of your monthly checks but at the end of the year he will demand that you send 9% of each one back. There could be a tiny bit of opposition to that among the elderly. IMO

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    • Not the way I understand 9-9-9-
      Cain makes much more sense than BO.

    • The biggest problem with cain's 9-9-9 plan is that it will bankrupt the US faster due to an even GREATER lack of tax revenue.

      The GOP wants to overthrow the government internally so they can perpetuate their dictatorship. They're already practiceing or haven't you noticed? When you don't compromise on anything, that is DICTATING everything which means they want to be dictators.

      "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier,
      just so long as I'm the dictator."
      - George W.Bush (12/19/2000)

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      • The GOP Nor the Democrats what to Bankrupt the USA. Do you have a link what a dumb question to ask but do you? Do you have link to what Bush said when he was not President?

        The problem is no one will do a darn thing. 9-9-9 or 20-20-20 will never pass the current, nor the past nor the future Congress will do a darn thing. All I saw in the 9-9-9 was you hit the hated righ twice once in income taxes which we both some time ago agree they upper rate should be raised to at least 42 or 43%.

        The 9-9-9 hits them twice once in the amount of income tax as it removes the majority of hiding places they have for income basically there are no deductables, and in the sales tax which hits them in their purchases of $100,000 cars and higher, jewelry, Yachts, all that stuff only the rich can buy anyway. Cain also had a minimum income om which no tax would be levied. Again it is a dead duck as is darn near anything we try to change.

        Bush the Terrible's tax bracket ran out why did Obama renew them? You have forgetten when he did that these are Obama's gift to the rich he should have could have done anythng he darn near pleased with the tax rates and Passed.

        Why? That year was the year he got the big award $1,400,000.00 Nobel prise for "Peace" I know that had not a thing to do with the decision of course.
        Give up on your ranting about the GOP what in the H good would it do for them if the USA went broke?" Heck it better guit spending money like it growns on trees, and pay down the debt or we will be broke.

        The Democrats still hold the BIG HOUSE the Senate and the big hammer the veto they rule or you do not get that?

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