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  • nailocr2 nailocr2 Nov 16, 2011 2:24 PM Flag

    Low Stock Price? What Is Happening?

    No, it's the horrible spectre of the possibilty that one of the bumbling goofballs that the Repubs have trotted out as candidates might actually become President.

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    • I think you are wrong-Every time the publicans open their mouthes they LOOSE tremendously large groups of voters-i.e. they want to destroy SS. Who is a bigger block than seniors?
      They want to totally shut down several govt departments. Have you added up the number of tens of thousands of workers that will throw out on the streets. They want to eliminate Obama Care. There goes the black vote.
      And on and on.
      Who is left to vote for them at that rate? No wonder they are hesitant to give details of their programs. When they do ,out go more voters.
      Plus they all sound like fools and jokers or mentally retarded.

      The smart people will vote out all publicans and finally with both houses filled again with Dems, things will get passed,and better.
      Pres Obama is a shoe in.

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