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  • snthsnth1 snthsnth1 Jan 12, 2012 10:52 AM Flag

    Obama comes from more average American upbringing than Willard Romney II


    The rich and powerful go quail hunting in preserves where they plant the birds for the pleasure of those like Cheney. I won't mention that he shot a man in the face. Hopefully he was drinking, because there's no excuse for it if he was sober.

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    • I am not rich nor powerful just worked for a living, I go quail hunting when in season, duck, geese when in season, never take more than we can eat.

      You talking about Cheney's deal, well he messed up, it happens bud to the little people like me. Guns kill they do not care if you are rich or poor.

      Get some better trash to blame on the Republicans that is an old, old, story. Yesterday the mans head was blown off. Ever know what birdshot is? Know what double 00 10 guage shot is?

      Which will take your head off rich or poor?

    • hgtacvs11 Jan 12, 2012 4:05 PM Flag

      Snithsnith - you low life, bring up an accident while on a hunting trip with one of his best friends. Wanna talk some real trash - what about a worthless boozer woman chasing moron who served in the senate for about fifty years, and his little drunken driving trip across the bay ended the lfe of his friend. Got the name moron - sinful kennedy the pride and joy of the dems after barney franks.

    • Better than you hunting hoes in the ghetto.

    • No One in this nation knows where Obama came from, nor what his family was like. If you do please advise.']

      Thank you

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