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  • snthsnth1 snthsnth1 Jan 11, 2012 2:36 PM Flag

    POLL: If you were a trillionaire, who would you make President?


    I'd hire the best movie choreographers, make up artists, Madison Avenue ad firms, speech writers, and TV production companies to secure my candidate the White House.

    Is there anyone else I should hire to sell my candidate to the American people?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • LOL.

      Typical fool seems to think that if you don't hear it, it must be "silenced", huh?


    • I'd buy a company, fire all the employees and outsource the jobs to China. Then I would put up a high fence around my house using illegal immigrants paying them $5 each plus a bottle of cheap tequila. Once inside I would sit in a chair all day and babble to myself about paying too much taxes even though I don't pay any.

    • I never accepted your challenge, moron.

      And you are not going to silence me.

      Its really pretty pathetic that you have to invent some delusion to make yourself feel better about what an ignorant moron you are.

    • It would be my contention that an "attention whore" would INITIATE the post.

      I simply RESPOND to them.

      (Though I may start the occasional thread once in ablue moon.)

      Pathetic how you continually attack me but NEVER want to debate facts.

    • Refrain from proving what an idiot you are?

      Why would I want to do that?


    • Why would a trillionaire care about politics. Peace.

    • If I had trillions I'd become president and the first thing I'd do is remove all illegal aliens and open up 12 million plus jobs.

      Then I would cut welfare mothers off unless they WORK at least part time for their local government 4 hours a day 5 days a week who have children in school. This freeloading has to stop.

      Then I would cut off this 99 weeks of unemployment benefits for all but those who were laid off. This quitting when you feel like it and drawing benefits has to stop.

      Then I would cut foreign aid and spending overseas and give incentives to buy American products like tax discounts.

      Then I would have the spending and expenses of government representatives investigated and curtailed. They can learn to ride BUDGET and ECONOMY like the rest of the American people. They can eat at McDonalds instead of Prime Rib specials everyday UNLESS they pay for it out of THEIR pockets like the rest of us.

      I would tax the dollar rather than the individual. No matter what dollar amount you have it would be a fair tax based on dollars and not your position in life. Every dollar is taxed and there will be no write offs. Tax preparation will be so simple an easy a 10 year old could do them. Taxes will be taken out and paid upon earning the dollar(s). No refunds and no April 15th payment dates to worry about. It's ridiculous what the government puts us through every year to pay what should be simple taxes on our earned dollars. It's also ridiculous to have so many loopholes that the rich never or hardly ever have to pay anything. If the rich had been paying "their fair share" of taxes over the last 50 years we wouldn't be in this deficit we are in right now. We can correct it but it has to be done now. Make them pay taxes.

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