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  • toobad715 toobad715 Feb 13, 2012 10:09 AM Flag

    GOP would get us in another conflict in ten days


    Look at their foreign policy comments...down right scary. Now Ron Paul would do the opposite. He would get us invaded

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    • war is mothers milk to the GOP

    • You are an idiot. BO has gotten us involved in Libya, Angola, Samalia, Afghanstan, and I don't know where else. Plus he has borrowed enough money from China that we almost belong to China.

    • You can say Ike sent a few "advisors" to Nam but, the reality of the matter we really went into it under LBJ.

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      • Ike sent 40 unarmed advisors to South Nam after the French as uusual got their butts beat.

        JFK sent 16,400 armed troops in we never will know his plans some coward assasinated him.

        LBJ the dumb jerk sent a total of 625,000 men including all the suppoer units, the Navy off shore and swift boats. LBJ got me also. The dunbest way to fight a war. Left the CONG's Haiphong Harbor open so they could off load all the supplies they needed and Russia supplyied them. We could not touch the SO's in Cambodia and Indonesia so they just hauled away killing our men as the would come accross the border between Cambodia and S. NAM kill our men in fire fights go back to saftey as we counted our dead. LBJ the good guy he was placed SS in the general Budget, started Medicare, and Food stamps, affordable housing which all his butter as he called it is breaking our nation today. LBJ was and is the President who may break America.

        Oh the war we lost our butts to we deserted the South, and went home leaving a death toll of 58,226 as a Memory, some memory. Ever seen one of your buddies skinned alive? I have and if those who think water-boarding is so teribble you have never seen what I have and I hope you never do. LBJ could not count I was in over 2 years, a draftee is supposed to served two tours of duty 12 month and 1 10 month you served whatever LBJ wanted the men there for and that was it. There should be a special monument for LBJ the wort President the USA has ever had, he lied he was incappable of telliing the truth. I was in and out before the worst year never thought it could be any worse than when we were in. 1969 was the worst of the worst the TET Offensive we won if at a terrible cost of lifes, Walter Cronkite said we lost it he can vist LBJ whenever he wants. The men who fought from 1968 and 1969 thank you. The hero's never make it home alive, they never see another sunset nor another sunrise.

        All the rest of our Presidents I do not care what party are so far above LBJ they were great. BUTTER he called it.

    • You are an idiot

    • bullbarrell Feb 13, 2012 10:29 AM Flag

      It's for sure you limp wrists are going to stand by and let thousands die in Syria!!!!!

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