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  • snthsnth1 snthsnth1 Apr 16, 2012 1:00 PM Flag

    Which was Bush's Biggest Error?


    Failing to see the oncoming financial holocaust,
    Starting a war with the wrong country?

    Each cost the taxpayers trillions of dollars, but I suppose we deserve it because we voted for a guy because "He'd be fun to drink beer with".

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    • You sure as hell would not be fun to have beer with. You're a liberal bore.

    • .....

    • No body cares about Bush anymore! What is Obama doing for you?

    • cpcottrell Apr 17, 2012 9:47 AM Flag

      Whathas Obama done right?

    • It was the previous administration was his biggest error. For 7 1/2 years Bush blamed Clinton. He failed to say Clinton had a budget surplus and a plan to pay off the debt. Bush blew 1.8 trillion in his first with tax cuts to the rich. It did nothing but take us into a recession. Remember this dads buddy Bin Laden that was given stinger missles by Reagan. Or Bush telling reporters this id my good friend Sadam. Republicans are destroying this country just to get things their way.

    • Not blaming Clinton for setting us up for 9-11? Not blaming Clinton for recession he was inheriting? Not blaming Katrina for high slow economy? Not blaming ATM's for job losses? Not blaming the rich for all our problems? Not blaming the Democrats for a "do-nothing" Congress?

      Oh, that's right, only our current president blames everyone but himself as he PILES on TRILLIONS in debt, mortgages our future while unemployment REMAINS above 8%, 48 million are on food stamps, and counting, regulations are strangling business growth, Obamacare drives up insurance rates, while probably being declared unconstitutional, flushes our money down the Solyndra, SunPower, Fisker and GSA holes of his contributors and political cronies, loses our AAA credit rating with his lack of leadership and divides us with his class warfare rhetoric.

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      • Rather than argue with nearly all of your points instead how about you tell us what you would do differently in each case if you started in office in Jan 20, 2009. Assume that the voters voted you in out of dissatisfaction.

        Now what?

        ps - I'm off the air for the next several hours.

        Remember that Clinton's FBI director made a big anti-terrorism pitch to the incoming administration and suggested that terrorism be the FBI focus. The new administration ignored it. Bush famously went to sleep and spent a lot of time cutting brush on the ranch. Security wasn't increased and reorganized until after 9/11.

        Check it out.

    • Losing China's economic war so badly with a mis-focus on the Middle East. In fact, that administration embraced the loss as a major source of funding since China bought Treasuries with interest at the time.

      The US trade deficits ran over $2 1/2 billion a DAY for years on end. The foreign money borrowed back financed wars, redistribution of wealth upwards, and expansion of government headcount beyond TSA. The transfer of wealth and technology out of the US through those times was historic in scale and scope. It was on the scale of the loss of a major war and will take decades to recover from if it is. The cumulative US trade deficit 2001-2009 was over $6 trillion.

      Refocussing on East Asia is long overdue and is being done. But doing it requires more US energy independence the fastest road to which is cutting consumption while still having the ability to have our lives and businesses even though they have been spread out by subsidized gasoline. Tech is now delivering that, reflected by the new CAFE standard. Innovative tech from smaller companies is also delivering unprecedented amounts of cheap natural gas that will have large impact as it works through the economy. Oil sources are now getting more spread out around the world also.

      Remember, oil is a commodity that has a world price even if it comes from under our feet. There is some advantage in not importing it, but then it's gone. Cutting consumption through tech is better than burning it now in the spirit of "Fun, fun, fun, till Daddy takes the T-Bird away".


      The financial crash was made worse by them since they defanged the SEC as a matter of belief and a business "service" so it could't even begin to be a firewall. But Wall Street and the banks made the Crash inevitable by buying their way out of regulation, getting rid of Glass-Steagal for instance which pre-dated Bush II. Bush/Paulson can be blamed for a Too-Big-To-Fail bailout that didn't insist on a change in management, submission of business plans, etc, as the later GM bailout apparently did. Paulson wanted to be a Czar of Czars if memory serves but didn't get anywhere with that, fortunately.

      It looked like one of the first things the banks did with their new money was to start spreading it around Washington as usual. This brings up the real source of so many problems - our Follow-The-Money political financing system. Now it's not even a little covert and has simply become our system of government. Our US won't get to last that long as a Banana Republic and the economy is already greatly distorted.

      That has to be fixed with an Amendment. If it isn't be sure your kids are fluent and literate in Mandarin.

    • An intelligent man. Not to savvy. First complaint was he let his advisors take over government with bad advice. He was just the decider. Who obviously made bad decisions.

      He was advised by cold warriors and the Texas oligarchy. Even the Taliban visited him on his ranch in the summer before his first election.

    • being a idiot --never got my vote glade he gone

    • Biggest error was not paying attention to the "blinking red light" intel report shoved under his face by Rice in Aug 2001 ... no 9/11 attacks = no needless wars = no huge deficits to pay for them ...

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