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  • SPOTTER9999 SPOTTER9999 Aug 15, 2012 9:00 AM Flag

    Democrats Campaign On Fear, Not Ideas

    Politics: Pundits hope a Romney/Ryan presidential ticket will spark a much needed, serious and sober discussion about big issues. Don't bet on it. These days Democrats want only to scare voters, not enlighten them.

    Columnist Robert Samuelson wrote this week that Romney's vice presidential choice "has the potential to turn this dreary presidential campaign into a meaningful debate over the size and role of the federal government."

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorialized that "this may be a campaign about big ideas, after all." Centrist pundit John Avlon exclaimed that Ryan "makes this election a real choice between competing philosophies of government — and that's a healthy debate to have during a presidential election."

    There's no question that a sober discussion about the proper size and scope of government would be welcome. And Ryan has proved himself more than capable of engaging in such a dialogue. But don't expect anything even remotely resembling that from today's Democrats. The party of FDR these days is only interested in one thing: spreading fear.

    To get a taste of the Democrats' "sober" and "serious" approach to big issues, consider the ad a liberal group ran last May attacking Ryan's Medicare reform. That ad depicted a Ryan lookalike shoving a screaming, wheelchair bound woman off a cliff. Not one prominent Democrat decried that ad.

    And let's not forget the Democrats' months-long campaign of lies about Romney's record at Bain, his views on abortion and his taxes.

    Does anyone really believe this will change now that Ryan is on the ticket? It hasn't so far.

    Democratic National Committee head Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Ryan wants to "shred the safety net for seniors." Service Employees International Union President Mary Kay Henry said Ryan has a "no-holds-barred record of attacking seniors, children and working men and women." And Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., says with Ryan, Romney "has doubled down on his commitment to gut Social Security and end Medicare as we know it."

    Never mind that last year, the left-leaning Politifact chose the Democrats' "end Medicare as we know it" line as "lie of the year." Or that Bill Clinton's former budget director, Alice Rivlin, says Democrats who make that claim "are lying, not to put too fine a point on it."

    Don't expect Obama to raise the maturity level of the debate, either. He was last seen calling Ryan's budget plan "social Darwinism." Plus, he's long ago proved himself entirely unserious about the big issues, offering little more than pabulum that barely rises above "hope and change" whenever one comes up.

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