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  • vernonhardappel vernonhardappel Aug 22, 2012 8:18 PM Flag

    remember when republicans whined

    when candidate Obama said he would go into Pakistan to get OBL. oh how the repubs and their obedient base whined "oh pakistan is an ally" "oh thats just mean" . "oh he's declaring war" " wah wah wah"

    When President Obama actually did what he said the republicans whined again. “ oh it was an easy decision" " oh he didnt actually kill OBL". " wah wah wah”

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    • matt307 Oct 8, 2012 2:04 PM Flag

      We want the truth,
      OBL strory
      "It was Hillary Clinton who persuaded a jittery President Obama to carry out the mission to kill terror mastermind Osama bin Laden, a new book claims. Obama canceled three missions targeting bin Laden before Clinton finally convinced him to pull the trigger, according to the book by former Wall Street Journal reporter Richard Miniter. "Obama feared taking responsibility for a risky raid that might go tragically wrong"

      now you know the truth.
      Omaba got bin laden. oh oh oh
      tell me another lie.

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    • I'm a Repub and I didn't hear all that. This story just gets better and better with time, just like a good stew. Is that the only thing Obama has done? It's all I hear him and his supporters bragging about. He's a one-trick pony, claiming he "got" Osama. It's almost as bad as the liar John Kerry's constant reminder he was a Viet Nam vet, which the Swift Boat veterans quickly turned the spotlight on. Anyway, the last time I looked it was the Navy Seals that "got" Osama, and those were American soldiers and American heroes, not our golfing, hooping, President. I recommend buying Ford, because Mitt will help rev up our economic engine, but if Obama gets re-elected I would sell it and any other car company I owned. The current situation in California (self inflicted, I might add), is a glimpse of what the whole nation will be like if we keep the Marxists in power for another four years.

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      • The current situation in California (self inflicted, I might add), is a glimpse of what the whole nation will be like if we keep the Republican Party of No dominant in the House for another four years.

        Karl Rove went after Kerry's military record because Bush II really didn't have one. Where Bush was after training is still smoke and mirrors AFAIK. He also went after McCain's record for the same reason. McCain in the primaries was attacked as "Insane McCain", the "Manchurian Candidate" and so on. All the campaigns Rove managed for Bush II were phenomenally dirty at some point, including the bogus lesbian scandal he attacked popular Texas Governor Ann Richards with. You wouldn't think anyone would buy such garbage but the Evangelicals in Texas were suckers for Republican "social issues" strategies at the time. Not so much now when those are a luxury.

        Romney, of course, as a young rich guy hung out in a Paris mansion as a missionary in the Vietnam War. Nice duty.

        Obama has accomplished quite a bit as CIC and Romney sounds risky with his clueless plans for more wars and military spending the US doesn't have the resources for. The US has been using intel and covert warfare as a preference with some success with added impact from drones and the like.

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