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  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Aug 27, 2012 10:00 PM Flag

    Many Americans think the 1% are greedy??

    I came from a very poor family. I started working in 2nd grade selling greeting cards. When I was eight I shined shoes at local bars. In high school I washed dishes to pay for the lunch my family couldn't afford. Then when in my third year of high school I worked for the local news paper company until I graduated from high school. Then I enlisted in the Army and went to Vietnam. I survived with a few battle scars.

    At 19 I became a man and came home after 13 months of combat and medivac duties.

    After combat I couldn't find a job. So I got a job as a roofer. A union job. For the next three years there were three strikes for very stupid reasons. So I crossed the lines and continued to work. I needed to pay my rent and provide for my very young family.

    I was very blessed due to my work ethics. I worked somtimes 7 days a week without any complaints. If they needed me, day or night, they knew they could depend on me.

    It was the way I was brought up. I wanted more in life than what my family provided me.

    Why am I saying this long story.

    Yes I'm the 1%. But all my life I realized I'm blessed and will never forget the Salvation Army and Red Cross giving my family food and housing when things were very bad.

    My dad was out of work for three years due to a serious injury during this needy time.

    For myself, I have never forgotten the help we got in a time of need.

    I'm retired now but I have never forgot those that have helped us when I was a young boy.

    I have always, every year, given to those in need. More than most people make in a year.

    Why do I do this? Only because I owe back to those who have helped me and my family in need.

    I won't believe that all the 1%ters do this, but more than you can immagine do what I do. We owe it to society and those less fortunate than we are.

    To knock the 1%ters is unfare. We love our country and we have an administration that feels we are a greedy lot.

    We are the leaders who give to the poor. Give to our education system. Provide books and anything else the poor needs. We are being chastized for what? I know now,. to turn our wonderful republic into a socialized country.

    I've gone on too long. See the documentory 2016 and make up your own mind.

    God bless our country and all our military who have made the ultimate sacrafice to make our country free from those who want to tear us apart. Vote with your heart and see 2016.

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    • Where do you get these tear jerk stories, I must admit it shook me to the core to realize how you made it big working on the roof. I suppose you could call it scaling the heights.

      Do you often talk to Robmey he has a similar story to tell, how he went to France and helped convert the populace with missionary zeal. From the travails of boyhood in the Governors mansion to private school, to Harvard and beyond. Quite similar really ha! ha! ha!

      No I don't really think the rich are greedy they just don't know any different, it's not greed to them it is wealth accumulation and through wealth POWER.

      The rich don't want more they want it all.

      Believe in Robmey's or Yoder's America but keep you money in Swiss or Cayman Island accounts. You too might pay 13% or swim nude in the Sea of Galilee.

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      • Who is feeding you this crap. You need to comprehend life. And why some people have it and others do not. Who is to blame?? In most cases it's the teachers, family and any mentors who influence our youth.

        When you see our youth more influenced by new sneekers. Who is to blame?? Who is to blame when our youth comes into a store to steal?? Tell me.! Where are their values?? Why do they think that things are owed to them and they don't have to pay for their purchases.? Who the hell has told them this??

        This is so sad to our our youth who obey the law. You want something then pay for it. Who in Gods name has our country allowed the crooks to take over our youth. I'll tell you that there is someone who has turned his back on our sons and daughters. Do what you want i'll cover your back from the white infedeles. You can guess who it is.Only if you have your eyes open!

      • I never compared my self to Robney as you call him. I just wanted to point out that obammas 1% is not made up of a number of selfish people. We, unlike so many others in this country, have given more to the poor and needy than anyone else.

      • I didn't mean it to be a tear jerker. It is just the truth from a young man who felt that i didn't expect anything from anyone. I worked my butt off all my life because I wanted more than my parents could give me. I was blessed to have mentors who saw more than I thought I had. They were doctors, lawyers and educators who saw in me a special spark. Most of them, believe it or not, were very liberal in their thinking. I decided I would listen to what they had to say and eventually form my own opinions about life in general. That is what life is all about. Who do I follow in life?? I decided I would follow my lifes dream.

        Work harder than anyone else and get the wonderful things that my mentors had.

        One of the problems in life is our youth has not have the proper mentors in life as many of the 1%ters have had.

        Myself? I have mentored many youth who have been into drugs and felt life was against them.

        My success rate is only 60%. I'm so sorry I couldn't help the 40% that have not seen the light.

        Some of the boys and girls will never see what is availabe to them in life. They refuse to see that. They feel the world is against them. It is so sad that some our youth is so miseducated about what you need to succeed in life that they want to take an easy path in life like their parents.

        I love children and it makes me so sad that they will take an easy out. Another generation will be at the governments teet.

        It is very disapointing to see our youth not trying to better themselves.

        I have black children. The girl is a financial anylist. The boy is a lawyer and had a picture with obamma. He was so thrilled and so was I. All of us has seen the light. Our government is not what they told us it was.

        As an educated black you need to understand what we are facing in the next few years. If he is reelected
        our America as we know it, will be changed forever.

        See 2016

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