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  • pikeshopper pikeshopper Aug 28, 2012 2:48 PM Flag

    Obama wants 54.5 mpg by 2025 as standard

    I guess I will need to get a horse!

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    • Europeans already drive cars that get close to this mpg, so it's not about the technology. Americans have an appetite for super-sizing their cars that needs to be changed.

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      • Yes Europeans do, but they also ship a lot more by rail and don't have tractor trailers bearing down on them all the time and getting cut off by smaller vehicles operated by drivers who think they're in bumper cars at the amusement park.

      • It will be little minicars,,but when you get hit by a dumbazz on the phone you will be dead,crippled, safety here ,,,,i for one will drive my older steelcars and trucks,,,pay more for gas,,and wait in traffic while the popo clean up the accidents,,,,,,,and any company who runs a commercial about saving the planet,,making a happier planet,,,dont get my green!!!! the only green i need is cash,,,,fat burgers,cold beer,,watchin the cattle drive at walmart on stampday,, take that al gore you dork...also watch 2016 lips america then post a dem post peace

    • Everyone wants 'everything', as long as it's for way-in-the-future results that can NOT be measured near term! e.g. "My plan will save us $85 Billions over the next 20 years!" All a lot of long term nonsense balony! WE are in a short and long term fight for our economic life and no one dares to say that this IS a crisis time for our country and that WE are NOT facing up to our responsibilities, at all! It's a lot more serious than just our choice of a President. The massive greed notion that has taken over our country will probably do us in.

    • How many mpg does his Presidential Limo get? How about Air Force One, he spend a lot of time on it.

      One has to ask, who benefits from these electric failures? It's all a bout hurting the oil companies. The liberals enemy

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