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  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Sep 3, 2012 12:50 PM Flag

    Obama to help Egypt by 1 Billion dollars

    Excuse me!!! That country is now controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Democracy??? You got to be kidding. What the heck is on his mind. Give the one billion towards the people who were affacted by the Hurricane. After Syria and Jordan so the goes Saudi Arabia.

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    • PAWLENTY: First of all, my party has a wing or a portion of it that is trending towards isolationism and is trending towards being very hostile towards foreign aid and development monies. I think my personal view of that is that is directionally not correct. For the modest amount of money that is on the table — doesn’t mean it can’t be reformed and we can’t scrutinize it — but for the modest amount of money we’re talking about and the important role that it plays in terms of America’s position and role in the world, I think it’s important to preserve and maintain that commitment.

      Others in the Republican Party are also pushing back against the call to eliminate foreign aid as well. In a speech earlier this year, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) ridiculed the proposition, calling it “outrightly foolish” and “un-Christian.”
      There seems to be a slight difference of opinion in the ranks. Nothing unusual of course, let me see Robmey cannot make up his mind if he is a business man or a politician.
      He has no idea when he left Bain, he made a run for the Senate and failed, was Governor for one term, played in the Winter games, ran for Rebublican Presidential nomination and failed, successfully outspent his rivals for the Rebublican nomination in 2012.
      Make your own mind up Robmey doesn't appear to do so.
      Robmey has only one objective and that is to out do his father.

      Believe in Robmey's or Yoder's America but keep you money in Swiss or Cayman Island accounts. You too might pay 13% or swim nude in the Sea of Galilee.

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      • I have helped build homes for humanity. I would never do it except the potention owners had their sweat and hard work in it as well. It's the old story " give them a fish and they will starve. Give them a poll and they will never starve".

        I think it's time people take responsibility for themselves. Giving people everything for nothing and what do you get. A vote for obamma. AND NO FUTURE TO IMPROVE THEMSELVES.

        For me I would rather have our Government spend 1 Billion on the displaced people of LA. and MISS. to build new homes than give it to radical islam.

        But they need to help rebuild their homes. Build them all on conrete stilts. Above potential flood waters. Only because it will happen again and again. I think this is right for those displaced people.

        I wouldn't say this except to enlighten people who don't give a damn we give this money to muslim fanatics.

        We need it at home.

        How many jobs do you think this will create in our southern states. I would guess in the hundreds of thousands. Tell me how you feel about this.

        But just keep in mind I'm a firm believer that you need something in return. And that is the labor of those you help, not free handouts. Haiti, Miss. LA. have had a hard time with recent desasters. Who picked themselves up by the boot straps and moved on to help themselves. I'll tell you, it was Miss.

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