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  • webber3240 webber3240 Sep 14, 2012 12:27 PM Flag

    Anyone know why USA is hated in middle east ???????????????????????

    Please answer,thanks

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    • We're sucking up all their Crude Oil dry, and while every American has two Cars on every garage, many of them Arabs still driving a Camel....Envy and Jealousy !

    • Because we (America) is always supporting the tyrant who can keep a given country relatively stable and help us bring their oil back here to fuel our greedy corporations so they can make more profits for their obscenely greedy big shareholders: the One Percenters.

      This is, and has always been, America's number one priority. No matter how awful the tyrant is, and no matter how many of his own people the tyrant has to murder in order to achieve those twin goals: 1) relative stability, and 2) send US their oil.

      America has always been a warmonger in the middle east, and every move we have made in that area of the world has been to further our own selfish interests, with NO thought ever given to the welfare of the native populations of the area. A better questions would be: How could they NOT hate us?

      Our goal always, was to obtain the resources our corporations want or need, regardless of methods used, including war. These are basically the same reasons we are despised by many people in south America and in other countries around the globe. It's all based in greed. OUR greed.

      This is a gross simplification, of course, but we have always been the resource HOG of the world. And we've always been willing to use any means to feed our addiction to others' resources, including war, or meddling in their politics.

    • Not as much as we hate them for what their leaders, or should I say no leaders, since they all have been murdered. This past week the attacks on american soil across the middle east has put a big wedge on how see the middle east..

      After reading more articles today, sure they were PO' d about the film. But this was in the planning stage for sometime. Like Carter turning his back on Iran years ago so did we in the past couple years turned our backs on other middle east countries.

      What I feel for is the innocent people from these countries that will be murdered if they belong to tribes that were ememies to the new regimes. Or do not adheare to the strict islamic laws.

      Today the radicals are calling on all Muslims in the western world to attack.

      I guess we fit that profile. In Sidney today radicals we holding signs. OBAMA, OBAMA

      And Bloomburg is worring about 16 oz. drinks. This is so unreal.

      Now I'm getting a little worried about the Myan callender.

      As a patriot in this country we need to think harder on protecting ourselves and families.

      We need to listen to Russia and China to keep to ourselves, regarding Syria. And not send weapons to the radicals and let the muslim brotherhood take over that country. Like all the others, our government has turned our backs on.

    • its because that is where the politicians get their power, from the hard core Islamist, and its propagated by those in power.

    • You

    • For anyone who has read any history of the Middle East the answer can be found in the period beginning just prior to WW1 through to the present day.
      The Turks dominated the area prior to WW1 and between the wars the French and British controlled the area. The Arabs got a raw deal at the end of WW1 after assisting the Allies. The British and American oil companies really screwed the oil producing countries and then of course after WW2 and the Israeli push to return to a "homeland" and the upheaval in Iran and Iraq with all the required assassinations and revolts against French and British domination Algeria, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Israel, Jordan,Yemen, Saudi Arabia all were riding the wave of self determination.
      All this set the background for the Cold War and choosing sides the Russians backed one side and we took the other and after all kinds of pushes and shoves we have arrived at the gates of hell and Netanyahu and Robmey are determined to drive through.
      Hold on to your hats boys and girls it is going to be one tough ride.

    • Jealousy

    • Who TF cares? Are you insecure? Why would you worry about what another savage nation thinks? You act like a typical liberal, always worrying about what others think...oh boo hoo hoo they said this and they said that... poor me. Don't you have any confidence? Jeesh!

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