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  • cure_time_varies cure_time_varies Sep 16, 2012 11:15 AM Flag

    Willard: The worst candidate possible to hope to beat Barry


    Rick Santorum was correct when he said Romney was the absolute worst candidate they could put up to go toe-to-toe with President Obama on the issues. Let's count the ways. (The list could be much longer, and doesn't include the fact that Mitt himself is simply unappealing.)

    "ObamaCare"? Romney introduced it in Massachusetts.

    Unfair trade with China? Romney himself established a Chinese company whose mission was to take US manufacturing jobs.

    Debt? Most of Romney's wealth comes from loading companies with debt, using that debt to get bought out, and then watching the company go bankrupt from afar.

    Job Growth? Forty-seventh in the nation as Massachusetts governor, with people fleeing the state; and Bain Capital's strategy of engineering bankruptcies and job losses while piling up huge profits.

    Tax Reform? Romney, the loophole vulture capitalist, has no credibility on the issue of reforming the tax code.

    Patriotism? Get serious. A draft dodger with his own money in foreign accounts?

    Defense? The varmint hunter to the rescue! Neither he, nor any of his five sons, volunteered for the wars of their generation. Mitt marched for war in college, but made sure to get deferments to avoid the draft.

    Yes, Santorum was right, and we can count on the world's loudest "I told you so!" November 7th.

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    • Romney has tripped so many times over his own flip-flops that he's beginning to sound like Sarah Palin in a suit. Every time he opens his big mouth one has to expect yet another: "I can see Russia from my front porch" absurdity.

      I thought the Romney campaign would be dull and boring - like Mitt Romney. But what's making it fun, is trying to keep up with all of Twit's gaffes, distortions and lies. This is especially true since Lyin' Ryan was added to the muck.

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